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  • I'm a stressed out mom!

    Dear Ellen, I'm your biggest fan, you are a amazing person. You help people everyday. I've recently noticed that the walls in my home are cracking in all corners and everywhere. I'm not in the greatest health, heart problems, unstable ankles, high blood pressure and worried sooooo much about things. My daughter and I lived in the house for seven years along with her fianc and my German Shepard dog Sheba. The house is sliding away, the foundation. It's very scary! I have come to stay at a friends house, daughter thinks her and Jesse are going to do this all. Money and time are hard to do. I tx and talk to her everyday to make sure everything is fine. At night I stress not knowing if I will hear from her because of house. I want to go back home, but can't until it is safe. I only have my daughter and her fianc and my Sheba. Please help me if you can. I just want to go back to my house in Lawrenceville and take care of my health issues and see my daughter. Bless you! Take care, I'm trying! Thank you for listening! Ginger Michalski