Ellen - Season 2

ABC (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • The Dentist
    Episode 1
    Adam is dating a woman called Joanna, but thinks he should end the relationship because he believes other women find him attractive. Yet again, Ellen ends up in the middle when Adam really wants to go back out with Joanna. Meanwhile, Ellen gets crazy with a dentist, after taking some nitrous oxide.moreless
  • Saint Ellen
    Episode 2
    Ellen, Paige and Adam crash a movie premiere party, and wins a big screen television, after stealing a guest identity. Feeling guilty, Ellen volunteers at Helping Hands, and soon becomes obsessed.
  • 10/5/94
    Dan is Ellen's latest date, and he works as a pizza delivery guy. Embarrassed about his job, Ellen lies to her friends, resulting in her and Dan to end dating. Soon after though, Ellen starts to miss her pizza delivery boyfriend!
  • The Note
    Episode 4
    At her weekly reading group, Ellen finds a note, insulting her. So, after much uncovering, she discovers it was Phil, who has a grudge against Ellen because she mentioned his toupee. Despite not recalling this, Ellen says sorry. But, at the next meeting, she lets it slip that he has no hair.moreless
  • The Fix-Up
    Episode 5
    Ellen has a blind date an old childhood friend, the class weirdo, but he turns out to be okay. Meanwhile, when Adam wins an all woman photography contest, he has to dress up as a woman.
  • So Funny
    Episode 6
    One of Adam's old friends, Theresa, visits him, but Ellen isn't that keen on her. This leads to Theresa overhearing Ellen talking bad about her, and leaves. Wanting to apologize, Ellen follows her on the plane.
  • The Toast
    Episode 7
    Yet again, Ellen puts something in jeopardy, and this time it's her brother, Stephen's, wedding. She accidentally mentions to the bride about Stephen's previous engagement, of which she wasn't aware.
  • Adam's Birthday
    Episode 8
    After having had a surprise birthday party with his successful college friends, Adam realizes that his life isn't exactly how he'd like it to be. So he takes a job as the manager of a retirement home, and moves out of the apartment.
  • The Trainer
    Episode 9
    Paige's boss needs a personal trainer, and, obviously, there can only be one option - Ellen. He is impressed by Ellen, and listens to her pitches for television shows. Having had enough of her boss, Paige eventually quits, but Ellen decides to show him one of Paige's pitches.
  • Mrs. Koger
    Episode 10
    Every day, when Ellen walks past Mrs. Koger's apartment, she comes out and yells at her for making too much noise. Having had enough, Ellen gains the courage to yell back, but later discovers that the woman died thirty minutes later. Feeling guilt-ridden, Ellen attends Mrs. Koger's funeral.
  • Ellen's New Friend
    Episode 11
    Ellen and Paige go to lunch with Audrey, and her friend, Jessica. They enjoy the company of Jessica, but not so much of Audrey, so lie to her in order to go to Jessica's party, instead of meeting up with Audrey again.
  • The Christmas Show
    Episode 12
    Ellen's new boyfriend, Greg, is just too nice, and tries to break up with him before Christmas. However, every time she tries, it turns out to be a bad time. Eventually, Ellen finds herself at his house singing Christmas carols because all her attempts failed.
  • Ellen's Improvement
    Episode 13
    Before going to a museum, Ellen decides that she should study the artist whose works she's viewing. When she gets there, she impresses a professor, Roger, with her knowledge. He asks her out on a date to a jazz concert, so, yet again, Ellen studies. But it turns out they go to the opera...moreless
  • The Apartment Hunt
    Episode 14
    Audrey is desperate to move into Ellen's neighborhood, but Ellen convinces her to move to a far-away, raunchy apartment. Before Audrey has a chance to move in, it burns down, leaving her with only one option - to move in with Ellen.
  • The Spa
    Episode 15
    Paige and Ellen decide to go to a spa for a nice, relaxing weekend. The experience, however, is not quite what they expected. While the hikes are beautiful and invigorating, the massage Ellen takes for her sore muscles is painful, and the mud bath just feels dirty. Their moods are not improved by the small, spartan meals or the prison-like staff. After one day of relaxation, Ellen decides she has to make a break for it, so she and Paige try to scale the fence and get some nachos at 7-Eleven. It seems like a really good idea, until they get trapped on the fence and are left dangling.moreless
  • Ballet Class
    Episode 16
    When her father brings up her childhood piano lessons at dinner, Ellen is reminded that what she really wanted was ballet lessons. In fact, she still wants to take ballet. So she signs up for an adult class. On the first night of class, it is clear that she is - by a wide margin - the least graceful student. But this does not dim her enthusiasm or her desire to dance the lead in the class recital. Six weeks later, however, despite all of her hard work and, thanks to Adam's help, tremendous improvement, another student is chosen to dance the lead. On show night, this woman throws her back out while showing Ellen how to be a graceful shrub, and Ellen replaces her in the show, fulfilling her childhood dream.moreless
  • Guns 'N Ellen
    Episode 17
    Ellen's apartment gets broken into while she's in it, destroying her sense of personal safety. She tries to get it back by going to an exercise class, buying a few home security devices, and, finally, going to a gun range with Audrey. It doesn't work. She's still paranoid. When she can no longer stay in her apartment, she retreats to her childhood bedroom. There, cuddled between her stuffed animals and her "Saturday Night Live" poster, her father helps her find the courage to confront her fears.moreless
  • The Sleep Clinic
    Episode 18
    Ellen has had the same dream for eight nights in a row: She's kissing Adam, and she likes it. Paige thinks the dreams reflects some hidden feelings for Adam on Ellen's part. Ellen would rather not think about Adam in a sexual way at all. This is made more difficult when Adam sleeps with Audrey and then uses a fictitious relationship with Ellen to get away from her. Now Ellen finds herself pretending to be involved with Adam at the same time she is trying to avoid him altogether.moreless
  • Gladiators
    Episode 19
    Ellen tags along with Adam when he goes to try out for "American Gladiators", but the only way she can get into the arena is if she tries out. So she does. Unfortunately for Adam's dreams, Ellen makes the cut and he doesn't.
  • $5,000
    Episode 20
    Ellen got $5,000 from the IRS, which is good. She thinks, however, that she owed them $1,200, which is bad. When she goes to the IRS office to ask, the agent assures her that she is actually owed $5,000. She should go out and spend the money with a clear conscience. But Ellen can't bring herself to do that, so she gives the money to a charity, Helping Hand. As Ellen's luck would have it, the IRS asks for the money back right after she gives it away, and Ellen is forced to try to get it back. In theory, that is easy, but it's a lot more difficult to actually do, especially when the money has turned into toys and a play center for disadvantaged children.moreless
  • Three Strikes
    Episode 21
    Ellen lands in jail when she's arrested at a fur protest. Much to Ellen's dismay, Adam and Paige call Ellen's parents to bail her out of jail. She is even more dismayed when her parents ask the judge to release Ellen into their custody so they can keep an eye on her. Suddenly, at 32 years of age, Ellen is grounded. After a couple of days at home, she can't stand it anymore, so she sneaks out of the house and takes her father's car to attend a concert with Paige. Her parents report the car stolen, and Ellen is now in more trouble than she ever imagined possible.moreless
  • The Therapy Episode
    Episode 22
    Ellen wants to go skiing instead of going to brunch with her mother, so she tells her mother that she is home sick. Ellen, Paige, and Adam get trapped on the ski lift and think they are going to die. Of course they don't (because that would leave us many episodes shy of syndication), but the experience causes Ellen to be consumed with guilt. She realizes she lies to her mother a lot. In fact, their whole relationship is based on lies. Ellen resolves to change and begin a new program of honesty. But can the Morgans handle the truth?moreless
  • Thirty Kilo Man (1)
    Thirty Kilo Man (1)
    Episode 23
    Ellen begins to date her old flame, Dan, after he returns from Italy with a new job. Their romance is going great, until Ellen misinterprets situations and believes Dan is part of a drug-smuggling operation. The signs are all there - import/exporting out of Miami, problems with Customs, and strange guys leaving packages. Curious, Ellen opens a package, just as her parents are arriving to meet Dan, and panics when white powder spews forward. Later, Ellen is embarrassed to learn the white powder is flour. Dan explains that he is in the food business and forgives Ellen when she explains that she is scared about their relationship but willing to give it a go. Dan agrees.moreless
  • Thirty Kilo Man (2)
    Thirty Kilo Man (2)
    Episode 24
    Paige is jealous because Dan and Ellen are spending so much time together. She can't reach her on the phone; it's always off the hook. She can't meet her for breakfast. Ellen stands her up. Finally, Paige can't take it anymore, and she tells Ellen that she has lost perspective. Ellen takes offense and, for the first time in their adult lives, Ellen and Paige stop speaking to each other. They run into each other at the movies, and, in the popcorn-throwing brawl that follows, they both get kicked out of the theater. Getting thrown out reminds them of all the other times they got thrown out of the movies together, and the friends are friends once more.moreless