Ellen - Season 3

ABC (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • The Mugging
    Episode 27
    A reluctant Ellen is persuaded to come forward as the witness to a mugging she never saw.
  • When The Vow Breaks (2)
    Ellen has just walked in on Paige and Spence kissing. They try to convince Ellen that it wasn’t at all what it looked like. But then Paige and Spence argue and both give heated demonstrations of how it was the other person’s fault for the kiss occurring. Ellen tells Paige to call off the wedding, but Paige won’t. Ellen refuses to stand for this, and as the ceremony begins, Paige walks down the aisle, with Ellen still on her train, trying to keep her from going. But Paige makes it up to the aisle. The minister asks if anyone knows of a reason why Paige and Matt should not be married, and Matt is the one to speak up. Then Spence comes bursting in to stop Paige from marrying Matt, just to learn that the wedding has already been called off.moreless
  • The Tape
    Episode 25
    Ellen and her friends make a frantic effort to retrieve a racy videotape that winds up in the wrong hands.
  • When The Vow Breaks (1)
    It’s Paige’s wedding day. Heather is mad at Paige for letting Ellen be the Maid of Honor, so she has refused to help. Ellen and Spence go to make sure everything is set right in the ballroom, but find out there is a big ventriloquists’ thing going on. Then Ellen realizes Paige’s mom has passed out with the dummies. Peter and Barrett try to put nylon’s on her mom. Peter announces the cake has not arrived yet. Audrey thinks Ron Pallilo has the hots for other girls other than herself. Matt arrives late and gives Ellen a duffel bag to put in his hotel room, but goes to the wrong room and the FBI thinks she’s an assassin. After somehow getting out of that mess, the ceremony is about to begin. But Paige isn’t there. Ellen goes in search of Paige and walks in to find Paige kissing Spence.moreless
  • Go Girlz
    Episode 23
    Paige is upset about Matt’s bachelor party, so Ellen and Audrey decide to throw a slumber party. But nobody RSVP’s except Lorna Irons, the boss Paige doesn’t like. Ellen hires a psychic and she does a card reading on Paige. They all become worried when everything begins to come true. After Ellen makes a crank call, the people call back; Ellen is worried, so they move the party to her parents house. Ironically, Paige and the girls end up having a fun and interesting night, while Matt feels bad for Paige and gets all depressed.moreless
  • 4/3/96
    Ellen has an upcoming mammogram, and is nervous. While in the waiting room, she talks to Chloe, a welding artist. Ellen is scared, so Chloe tells her to remember "I Love Lucy" episodes. Ellen, along with Spence, go to make Chloe’s welding studio because Ellen wants to be friends with Chloe now. Then at the bookstore, Chloe drops by, but they have nothing to say. Paige finally has time for Ellen and gets her fitted for a bridesmaid’s gown.moreless
  • 3/20/96
    Buy The Book doesn’t make the top 20 list in "The Hollywood Reader" for Hippest Hangouts. Ellen sets out to make Buy The Book hipper. She decides live music would be good, so she auditions people. Ellen is stuck with The Shapiros, a bad act. But everyone seems to love them. Suddenly, the bookstore is very hip. But soon, Ellen realizes the crowd is laughing at the Shapiros, not with them. Ellen feels bad, so she informs them of this. Del and Rochelle Shapiro get into a big argument, and Del is forced to do the act himself. So, in attempt to help, Ellen does the act with him. But then she tells the crowd you shouldn’t laugh at people, so the crowd leaves. But the Shapiro’s get a bigger gig touring with Courtney Love.moreless
  • A Penney Saved...
    A Penney Saved...
    Episode 20
    Buy The Book is running low, so Ellen has to save money. She thinks she may have to fire Audrey. Audrey’s birthday is coming up, and Mr. and Mrs. Penney are throwing her a surprise party. Ellen, Paige, and Joe go to the party and learn that Audrey is in the money. Ellen is relieved that it can’t hurt Audrey too much, but then learns that Audrey won’t take anything from her parents. So, to keep Buy The Book alive, Mr. Penney donates $100,000 to the bookstore. But Mr. Penney begins changing things too much and eventually Ellen has to tell Mr. Penney she doesn’t want his money because she can’t stand the changes.moreless
  • Two Ring Circus
    Episode 19
    Matt tells Ellen he wants to marry Paige. He gets Ellen to go to a hockey game with Paige. After a little while, Matt arrives. But he gets knocked out after being hit in the head. So when the scoreboard puts up "Paige, will you marry me?" Ellen ends up having to accept for him. But Paige is embarrassed by the size of the ring and gets a bigger one. Then Ellen hosts an engagement party at the bookstore and puts on Paige’s original ring so she’ll remember to give it to Paige. But Ellen’s finger gets swollen and they can’t get the ring off.moreless
  • Lobster Diary
    Episode 18
    Ellen, with the help of Spence distracting a waitress, tries to rescue a 65 year old lobster, and names it Scout. She tries to free it, but it keeps returning to her. Mr. Kelsey, the restaurant owner, threatens to call the police if the lobster is not returned. But then there is a news report and Mr. Kelsey applauds Ellen. Then, Mary Tyler Moore gives her an award for humanitarianism. Ellen gets an all-expenses paid trip to Maine, so she can free the lobster. But the lobster has already died. Ellen tries to come clean but Mary assures Ellen she already knows and to get on the plane. It is reported that the lobster died an hour later from pollution.moreless
  • Ellen: With Child
    Episode 17
    The gang goes to a science museum. Ellen reveals she’d like to have children. So, she volunteers to baby-sit Mia, Matt’s daughter, while Matt and Paige go camping. They hit it off and have a great time. But then Mia remembers she has a science project due the next day, and she hasn’t even started. So Ellen tries to make Mia do it all herself, but tries too hard. Thus, everyone comes over to Ellen’s and is working on Mia’s project while Mia goes to bed. They discuss Matt and Paige’s sex life. The next day, Ellen gets a call from school that she must come in immediately. Turns out Mia heard what Ellen said the night before and Mia said it to one of the boys in the class. So, Ellen is forced to sit down with Mia and do her best to explain the facts of life.moreless
  • Witness
    Episode 16
    Spence has to have a mock trial for his law school. His "witness" says she will not be able to make it, so Ellen pleads to be the witness. But Spence knows all to well, and tells Ellen she can’t do it. He gets Audrey, but then she ducks out the day of the trial. Spence is forced to use Ellen, who has to pretend she was a stripper and saw the robbery. Ellen becomes Lola Bigcups and has a paper she is simply supposed to read off of, but spills her water on it. Then everything goes haywire, and Ellen ends up on tables in all sorts of positions. Meanwhile, Professor Bass, the judge for the trial, does not like Spence at all. Spence ends up storming out, giving up on law school. But Prof. Bass comes to the bookstore and admits to Spence that she just wanted him to show more emotion about it all, which will make him a better lawyer.moreless
  • Oh, Sweet Rapture
    Episode 15
    Audrey has to carpool to work with Ellen because her car broke down. After a week, Ellen can’t stand it. So, she helps Audrey get a new car at the Rapture dealership that Paige suggested. Audrey buys a Rapture and is immediately invited into the "Rapture Family." Audrey becomes so obsessed with the Raptures, that she gives up pink for BLUE! Audrey starts hanging out with her Rapture friends and decides to go on a trip with them to see where her car was born. Ellen finally takes action and locks Audrey in one of the Raptures on display with her. Ellen tries to tell Audrey who her real friends are.moreless
  • Morgan, P.I.
    Episode 14
    Buy The Book is robbed, but Ellen and Paige see the robber leaving. They go to a line-up to choose the guy. Paige picks the guy with the best hiney. It turns out to be Detective Matt Liston, and Paige falls in love. Meanwhile, Ellen tries to arrange a neighborhood watch and learns that many of the stores were robbed and all bought security systems from the same person afterward. Det. Liston stops by Ellen’s and asks her help in a sting operation. She gets all wired and then the guy comes in, but the mic begins slipping. So, Ellen gets herself into all sorts of positions, trying to get the mic in the proper place. Det. Liston becomes busy with Paige, so when the security guy decides to leave, Spence runs out and tackles him.moreless
  • Horshack's Law
    Episode 13
    Paige gets invited to John Travolta’s birthday and decides to bring Ellen as her guest. Ellen accidentally invites the rest of the gang. Paige is waiting for a call from the party to get the address, because that is how hip the party is. After a series of misfortunate events, they arrive at the address, but they think the party is over. So, they go to dinner. Later, they realize sitting behind them is Ron Pallilo, TV’s Horshack, who has just come from John’s party, and they were at the right address in the first place. Audrey falls in love.moreless
  • 12/20/95
    Ellen invites Spence to celebrate Christmas with her family when his plans don’t work out. But then Ellen’s parents decide at the last minute to go on a cruise. So, they are forced to celebrate early, in the car, on the way to the airport. Spence gets a nice leather jacket, which Ellen loves, but Ellen’s parents give her a burial plot! Ellen is horrified and wants to see her plot before going to Paige’s mom’s party. The gang is trying to cheer up Ellen, so they end up celebrating Christmas Eve decorating headstones.moreless
  • Ellen's Choice
    Episode 11
    Ellen’s reading group is invited to be on "Book Chat." Ellen and Paige decide to check out the set, etc. The host, Eric Marshall, tells Ellen she can only bring 3 of the 5 members of the group. Ellen is forced to decide, and when she announces the decision, they all brake out in argument. Ellen decides it all or none, and tells Mr. Marshall that. So, they all get on the show, and then realize nobody read the book.moreless
  • What's Up, Ex-Doc?
    Episode 10
    Burt, Spence’s dad, is mad when he learns his son was kicked out of med school. So, Ellen becomes the negotiator and leads Spence to believe his father understands, and Burt to believe Spence is going back to med school. When Ellen tells them the truth, they are back at each other’s throats, and Burt ends up in the hospital. But Spence starts thinking about med school again. Meanwhile, there is a huge movie playing at the theater next door to Buy The Book. They can’t stand it, then think it is good, then hate it again.moreless
  • The Movie Show
    Episode 9
    Paige is too busy for Ellen. Paige’s movie is suddenly green-lighted and she has to find a bookstore for one of the scenes. She tells Ellen that her bookstore was of course first choice. Ellen gets to be an extra. After a few takes, the director asks Paige to fire Ellen cause she is messing up every shot. But Paige pleads with the director, and says that Buy The Book was the only bookstore they could get. Ellen overhears and gets mad at Paige for lying to her, but, like best friends, they make up.moreless
  • Salad Days
    Episode 8
    Martha Stewart comes to Buy The Book to promote her new cookbook. Ellen is so impressed by Martha that she decides to have a dinner party. Ellen wears what Martha is wearing in the book. Ellen invites the gang, and Joe decides to bring Martha. Ellen cannot seem to get dinner straight at all. It becomes a huge disaster. But in the end, Martha saves the day and orders out pizza for everyone.moreless
  • 11/8/95
    Ellen’s mom says she wants them to be friends. So, they decide to "hang out" at a pool hall. Ellen makes a fool of herself when she thinks Lois is trying to set her up with men again. The next week, Ellen goes to play bridge with Lois’s friends. Ellen learns of her parents sex life, something she did not want to hear. So, Ellen tells of her experiences, and Lois threatens to send Ellen to her room. Ellen and Lois decide to just remain Mother and Daughter.moreless
  • 11/1/95
    Ellen offers Spence a job at the bookstore, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Audrey thinks she’s been hired at the bookstore, but really hasn’t and annoys everyone. Ellen can’t seem to "fire" Audrey and asks Spence for help, but Spence starts talking of himself and they get in an argument. Ellen storms out to the Hollywood sign, firing Audrey on the way. Spence apologizes to Ellen. Ellen feels bad for firing Audrey the way she did, so she "rehires" her.moreless
  • 10/18/95
    Adam gets a photography job with "The Sun Times" in London. Ellen gives him a going away party and Adam tells here he loves her. But then plans change and Adam has to stay with Ellen for another week. At the second going away party, Ellen decides to tell Adam she loves him too. But Adam is again postponed, so Ellen has to tell Adam she doesn’t really love him. Adam gets mad and Ellen tries to apologize at the airport.moreless
  • 10/4/95
    Karen, the bimbo of Ellen’s reading group, annoys Spence. But Spence sleeps with her anyway, but decides not to call her with his intentions of not seeing her again. So, Ellen leaves a message on Karen’s machine, later to find out that Karen is married and her husband just heard Ellen’s message.moreless
  • The Shower Scene
    Episode 3
    Spence gets cable installed in Ellen’s apartment. Ellen becomes addicted to "thirtysomething" reruns. Meanwhile, Heather, Paige’s perfect sister, has twins, and expects Paige to throw her the perfect baby shower. Paige brings the tape of Heather’s birthing to Ellen’s. But Ellen accidentally records over it with "thirtysomething." Lucky for Paige, all the guests liked "thirtysomething," so they got over it.moreless
  • 9/20/95
    Paige gets a job as a film executive and Adam’s pictures of the earthquake get picked up by Life Magazine. Ellen feels her friends no longer have time for her, as they are all off fulfilling their dreams. So Ellen decides to cash in the insurance money and get on a bus to tour the country, in search of her dream. But she ends up at an odd sort of museum, and, while talking with a magic 8 ball, realizes Buy The Book is her dream.moreless
  • 9/13/95
    Ellen is woken up by an earthquake and by her cousin, Dr. Spencer Kovak. Spence asks to stay with Ellen until he gets his own place since he was kicked out of his New York residency program for punching a patient. Due to the earthquake, Buy The Book is severely damaged. Ellen asks her friends to help, but is upset when they seem to have more important things to do.moreless