Ellery Queen

NBC (ended 1976)





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  • I agree that this series continues to be underappreciated--since it still is not avaliable in any major dvd retailer. However...

    ..., it was cancelled, I believe, not because of the usual network idiocy, but because of Jim Hutton\\\'s untimely death during its production. Someone correct me if I\\\'m wrong, but I watched this series when it first aired and that is the way I remember its demise. Hutton was perfect in the role of Ellery Queen and David Wayne the perfect foil, creating the perfect team. I also loved the end of each episode, with Ellery inviting the audience to take time to figure out their own theory during the final commercial--we all used to bat our ideas around and then watch to see if we were even close. The fact that there was usually only one possibility really didn\\\'t bother us at all. This series needs to be released at a major retailer so that we can get a look at it close up!