Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 2

The Adventure Of Auld Lang Syne

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 1975 on NBC

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  • When a millionaire is murdered at a New Year's Eve soiree, Ellery is absent - but he manages to solve the crime almost as soon as he arrives.

    This was an entertaining opening episode for a series that deserved to have had a rather longer run. The period details are nicely arranged (although having Guy Lombardo play himself as he had been a full thirty years earlier is a bit cheeky) and the manner in which Ellery Queen solves the murder almost as soon as he arrives at the scene of the crime is unexpected and funny - the solution turns out to depend on a detail about the New York telephone system which was no longer accurate when the show was first aired in the 1970s. One question, though - why was the well-known character actor Thayer David uncredited in the brief but important role of the murder victim?