Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 21

The Adventure of Caesar's Last Sleep

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 1976 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Franks: Caesar wasn't gonna give him a thing that I didn't want him to give him.
      Murphy: That's a lie!
      Franks: Are you calling me a liar?
      Murphy: Caesar was a star witness!
      Franks: He was my star, he twinkled when I told him to twinkle!

    • Murphy: All right, all right, I'll make the announcement. The Ralph Caesar murder case is solved.
      Marx: That's right, gentlemen. And I think that you should know that the credit belongs to Inspector Richard Queen, the Homicide Bureau, and not to Mr. Irwin Murphy, that well-known political hack.
      Ellery: Oh, boy, how's that for a resignation?

    • Inspector Queen (about Murphy): Now there's a man who wants to be governor in the worst way.

    • Caesar: How do I look?
      Inspector Queen: Like a man in a false mustache.

    • Velie: Listen, Caesar, I gotta guard you but I don't have to listen to any of your guff.

    • Caesar: What if I want some fresh air?
      Inspector Queen: If you open a window remember that first breath may be your last.

    • Murphy: This had better be the most thorough murder investigation ever conducted by the homicide bureau.
      Inspector Queen: They're all thorough!

    • Ellery: How'd he look when you found him?
      Inspector Queen: Dead.

    • Velie: Inspector, we got a break.
      Inspector Queen: We could use one.

    • Ellery: The Commissioner's your age. Nobody's saying he's over the hill.
      Inspector Queen: He's not on the firing line.

    • Franks (to Ellery): Readin' about murder--that helps me relax.

    • Murphy: Is this a deliberate attempt to compromise my position? Inviting me in the same room as this gangster.
      Franks: It ain't gonna help my reputation much either.

  • Notes

    • Kevin Tighe took a brief hiatus from playing fireman/paramedic Roy DeSoto on the NBC drama Emergency! to appear on this episode.

    • In this episode, Inspector Queen figures out the correct solution to the case and does the final denouement instead of Ellery.

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