Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 4

The Adventure of the Chinese Dog

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the episode, when the murderer confesses, Tilda is shown putting her left hand up to her face. The camera shifts to Ellery for a brief moment, then back to a long view of the study. Tilda suddenly is holding her right hand to her face.

  • Quotes

    • Palmer: You can see we got one real important murder investigation. And I just feel it in my bones that Oscar Eberhart can't handle it. That's why I came to you. Be a real feather in my cap if I could get you to step in unofficial-like.
      Inspector Queen: Wrightsville's off my beat.
      Ellery: Yeah, my dad came up here for a well-earned rest.
      Palmer: What about you? This is a real fascinatin' murder, Mr. Queen.
      Ellery: In what way?
      Inspector Queen: Ellery....
      Palmer: Well, take the way he was killed.
      Ellery: How was he killed?
      Palmer: He was hit on the head--with a dog.
      Ellery: (chuckles and turns to his book, then pauses) A dog?
      Palmer: Chinese dog.

    • Ellery: Do you have any leads on the murderer?
      Eberhart: Well, I wouldn't exactly say that.
      Palmer: Oh, tell the truth, Oscar. You couldn't catch rainwater in a sponge.
      Eberhart: Well, just a doggone minute, Henry!
      Palmer: I wonder what votors are gonna say about you turning away professional advisors, that's what I wonder.
      Eberhart: Well, these fellows can stay. But you keep your professional advice till I need beans and baloney. Especially baloney.
      Palmer: (to Ellery) You see what you're up against. Good luck.

    • Inspector Queen: Eh? Oh.
      Palmer: Well. How's it going, Inspector? You catch him?
      Inspector Queen: Not after you scared him away.
      Palmer: The killer?
      Inspector Queen: The fish.

    • Palmer: Eh, it's just black coffee for me, Mamie.
      Mimi: What about you, hon, cream and sugar?
      Ellery: Hah?
      Mimi: You want some cream and sugar?
      Inspector Queen: It's no use; he can't make any major decisions until he's had his morning coffee.
      Mimi: Well, uh, how does he take it?
      Inspector Queen: Leftover, lukewarm, and lumpy.

  • Notes

    • Geraldine Brooks plays the character of Tilda MacDonald. John D. MacDonald was the author of a long and colorful series of mysteries starring his investigator Travis McGee.

    • This is the only episode set in the resort town of Wrightsville which was a frequent setting in the Ellery Queen novels.

  • Allusions

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