Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 3

The Adventure of the Lover's Leap

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 1975 on NBC



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    • Brimmer: ...A new technique in hypnotic therapy, and what we are dealing with here is a new technique in murder. Murder by remote control. Committed by someone who was not even present when she met her death.
      Ellery: Then, who moved the body off the driveway?
      Brimmer: Ah, would you talk into the mike, please?
      Ellery: (Moves to microphone) Who moved the body off the driveway?
      Brimmer: The gentleman who asked that is Ellery Queen, the famous author. (Pauses and covers his microphone) Take that out later. (Uncovers microphone) The gentleman who asked that is Ellery Queen, a fairly well-known writer of mystery stories.

    • Ellery: I thought these matches were fixed.
      Inspector Queen: Aw, they're just setting up things for a re-match.

    • Inspector Queen: What makes you think it wasn't suicide?
      Ellery: I didn't say it wasn't.

    • Inspector Queen: Velie, show the gentleman out.
      Brimmer: I have some interesting information for you, Inspector.
      Inspector Queen: Hold it, Velie.

    • Inspector Queen (about Kendrick): There's one man who isn't very upset about his wife's suicide.
      Ellery: If it was suicide.

    • Brimmer: The lawyer who probates this estate will receive an enormous fee. Think about that, Queen.

    • Latimer: Miss Chandler and I are old friends.
      Ellery: I gathered that.

    • Ellery: Dad, you have the most wonderful habit of asking leading questions.
      Inspector Queen: And you have the most wonderful habit of not answering them.

    • Cathy (about Inspector Queen): How do you put up with him?
      Ellery: Practice.

    • Inspector Queen: Supposition, supposition. I want facts.

    • Ellery: You're having Simon Brimmer tailed?
      Inspector Queen: Why not? He's doing better than we are.

    • Dr. Marsh: All my patients are in critical condition.

    • Brimmer: You're about to hear a confession from the murderer. A new first in radio history.

    • Technician: All the mikes functioned perfectly, sir. We got everything.
      Brimmer: Break the record.

    • Brimmer: Nice of you to caddy for us, Queen.

  • Notes

    • Guest stars Jack Kelly and Anne Francis had previously co-starred in the classic 1956 sci-fi drama Forbidden Planet.

    • Nurse Chandler is listening to Abbott and Costello on the radio at the beginning of the episode.

    • The title of Ellery Queen's book mentioned in this episode is The Adventure of the Lovers' Leap but there is no such title in real life.

    • The last names of the characters played by Anne Francis and Don Ameche in this episode are taken from famed mystery writers Raymond Chandler and Ngaio Marsh.

    • Honey West (Anne Francis), Peter Gunn (Craig Stevens), and Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) all appear in this one along with Susan Stasberg and Ida Lupino. Ms. Strasberg was the daughter of famed acting coach Lee Strasberg while Ms. Lupino had been married at one time to Howard Duff who would later appear in The Adventure of the Black Falcon.

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