Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 11

The Adventure of the Pharaoh's Curse

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While Ellery and Simon are interrogating Bud, a waiter comes down the stairs and enters the room. The next shot shows the waiter repeating this movement.

  • Quotes

    • Inspector: I have no time to waste on a case that's closed!
      Ellery: What about the broken car window? How about the bracelet with the missing diamond?
      Inspector: What about the egg stains on your shirt? If a big butter and egg man gets knocked off, I'm supposed to arrest you?

    • Bud: Keep your fingers crossed, mom. Maybe there really is a curse.

    • Wentworth: Sorry to keep you waiting, Brimmer. Can I fix you a little snort?
      Brimmer: No thanks.
      Wentworth: Then I'll fix me one. After that business with the Egyptian at the museum I need one.

    • Margie: My English teacher said a good writer could write anywhere.
      Ellery: He never wrote in an automat.

    • Inspector Queen: It's the curse of Pharoah Amon Ra, son. It's already claimed another victim.

    • Inspector Queen: Why does it always have to be murder?
      Velie: The Maestro's got that look on his face.
      Inspector Queen: Must be something he wrote.

    • Inspector Queen (to Ellery): The thought of you dictating a book while you're driving a car boggles the imagination.

    • Claudia (about her husband): No one's going to mourn him. In fact, there may be a few who will cheer a little under their breath.

    • Brimmer: Nobody's capitalizing on my curse except me.

    • Brimmer: Simon Brimmer, sir. May I extend my sympathies on the loss of your father?
      Bud: Yeah, thanks a lot.

    • Ellery (about the coffee): It smells good and strong, dad.
      Inspector Queen: You're probably half right.

    • Claudia (about their affair): Otis and I are not ashamed.

    • Inspector Queen: Norris Wentworth died of natural causes. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

    • Margie: Mr. Brimmer, are you trying to pump me?

    • Inspector Queen (to Ellery): It's past your bedtime.
      Margie: Is it really past your bedtime?
      Ellery: He's been trying to get me to go to bed at ten o'clock since I was 14.

  • Notes

    • In this episode, we have the Wentworth family. Patricia Wentworth wrote a series of mysteries starring "Miss Silver" (a Miss Marple-type character) beginning in 1928.

    • Although he plays an Egyptian in this episode, Nehemiah Persoff is of Israeli descent.

    • Simon Oakland, who plays the murder victim, is best known for his role of harried newspaper editor Tony Vincenzo on the original Night Stalker series.

    • Future Night Court star John Larroquette has a tiny role as a bellhop in this episode.

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