Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 18

The Adventure of the Sinister Scenario

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1976 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Inspector Queen (about the set): At least they got the furniture right.
      Ellery: Yeah, that's about it.

    • Inspector Queen: Keep your eyes open, son. This is the real Hollywood.

    • Pierce (to the Queens): If you're looking for glamor I'm afraid you picked the wrong studio. This one operates on a very thin shoestring.

    • Inspector Queen (about Briggs): They must have had their eyes closed when they cast him. Chester Morris would have been perfect.

    • Ellery: Something wrong?
      Pierce: I guess you've never heard of the battling Mallorys. They make Punch and Judy look like Hansel and Gretel.

    • Raynor (to Pierce): I don't gamble on unknowns especially stuntmen who think they can act.

    • Raynor (about Claire): Inspector, methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    • Inspector Queen (about his trip to Graumann's Chinese Theatre): My feet are exactly the same size as Pat O'Brien's.

    • Raynor: Mr. Queen, I don't have to explain anything to you. You signed away your rights. You have no control whatsoever over the material.

    • Inspector Queen (to Ellery about Sonny North): He doesn't look anymore like you than the man in the moon.

    • Inspector Queen: Sergeant Velie!
      Sgt. Harris: My name is Harris, Inspector.
      Inspector Queen: Sorry, forgot where I was.

    • Pamela: Do you think I would murder two men just to get an Oscar-winning role in a major motion picture?

    • Ellery: Mrs. Mallory, may I see that script?
      Claire: You're the director.

    • Briggs: I don't want you to think I'm the kind of actor who goes around counting his lines.
      Ellery: Mr. Briggs, in the original script, how many lines did you have?
      Briggs: 243. I've lost 97.

    • Insp. Queen: Thank you very much, Mr. Raynor, for the glimpse of Hollywood beneath the tinsel. I was happier with the tinsel.

    • Ellery: Hey Dad, which one is Alice Fay?
      Insp. Queen: Be quiet and eat your baloney!

    • Inspector Queen (regarding his character in the movie): They're trimming me down to a walk-on.

  • Notes

    • The flamboyant headgear sported by Carole Cook's gossip-columnist character, coupled with her acid tongue, strongly suggests the real-life Hedda Hopper, whilst the studio operating on "a very thin shoestring" might well be one of the several "Poverty Row" outfits still churning out minor films in Hollywood in the late 40s, such as Monogram or Eagle-Lion or PRC.

    • Troy Donahue, who plays the murder victim, had previously played a TV detective on both Surfside 6 and Hawaiian Eye.

    • James Sikking would later go onto star as Howard Hunter in the c NBC police drama Hill Street Blues.

    • This episode marked the second appearance on the show for Barbara Rush. She had previously appeared in The Adventure of Auld Lang Syne.

    • Tom Reese does not appear in this episode as Sgt. Velie because it is set in Hollywood.

    • Guest star Noah Beery, Jr., plays an actor portraying Inspector Queen, the father of hero and detective Ellery Queen. Beery's most famous role is as the father of another TV detective, Jim Rockford, on The Rockford Files.

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