Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 16

The Adventure of the Wary Witness

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the time that the police and Flannigan were cooperating to keep Dottie Lomax's death a secret, Ellery visited Lin Hagen's wife and his friend Terry. While speaking with them, Ellery directly mentioned the fact that Dottie had been killed, not simply wounded.

  • Quotes

    • Flannigan: I heard you were down here, Junior. Hey, Hobbie, how about getting us a couple cups of coffee?
      Hobbie: Yeah. Want anything in it?
      Ellery: Uh, black is fine.
      Flannigan: Make mine Irish, in honor of the Saint Patrick's Day murder.
      Hobbie: This ain't no bar.
      Flannigan: Ya keep it in the broom closet, top shelf, behind the Dutch Cleanser!

    • Flannigan: Well, for whatever it's worth, Junior, I think Lin Hagen's a nice guy. His lawyer did a heck of a job, maybe they'll buy it, I don't know. I hope so. But you know, war changes a lot of guys, Junior. They give 'em a gun, teach 'em how to shoot people. After a while it gets easy.

    • Flannigan: You know, this frame's starting to fall apart, Junior. Like a cheap suit, it's beginning to fray at the cuffs.

    • Ellery: Come on, Dad, it wasn't your idea, it was my idea, why are you taking the rap for me?
      Inspector: Because I'm wearing the badge; anyway, I still think it was a good idea.

    • Flannigan: Well, well, well. My old friends, Queen pere and Queen fil.
      Turn around, Junior, so I can see your other face.

    • Inspector: Ellery, we'd better get Flannigan to the vet's.

    • Inspector Queen (about the description of the missing witness): With that information we couldn't find Harry Truman in the White House.

    • Ellery: Hold it, Flannigan. I'm going alone.
      Flannigan: Not on your press pass, Junior.

    • Ellery: You wait in the hall while I talk to her.
      Flannigan: For a story like this I'll wait in the broom closet.

    • Inspector Queen: Flannigan, don't you have someplace to go?

    • Flannigan (to Velie): Let go of me, you big ape.

    • Inspector Queen: We know all about your reputation, Flannigan.

    • Ellery: Jimmy, who won the Daily Double?
      Jimmy: I don't bet the Daily Double.

    • Inspector Queen (about Armand): Cocky old bird, isn't he?

    • Ellery: Well, dad, looks like we start all over again.

  • Notes

    • Guest star Sal Mineo was murdered on February 12, 1976, just 18 days after this episode first aired.

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