Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 1

Too Many Suspects

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 1975 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ellery: There's so many possibilities. Too many.
      Inspector Queen: Yeah, like what?
      Ellery: Well, maybe she was trying to tell us the time of her death.
      Inspector Queen: Well, we already know that. People on this floor heard a shot around 10:25.
      Ellery: Well, what was she trying to say, and why both plugs? Was she reaching for the clock cord and did she accidentally pull out the television cord--or was it the other way around? Was she saying something about electricity? About the failure of power! Hmmm. Or was she relating to the television as a piece of furniture; a box, a console, screen? And what about that clock? (Snaps fingers) Wait a minute.
      Inspector Queen: You got something.
      Ellery: Very clever, Dad, very shrewd.
      Inspector Queen: Who, who?
      Ellery: You. You know I'm supposed to be home, finishing a book, you know I got a deadline to meet, but you drag me up here and you dangle all this catnip in front of me.
      Inspector Queen: Now, Ellery, I'm not trying--
      Ellery: That's it, I'm going home, you're not gonna suck me in this time.
      Inspector Queen: Son, you're doing me an injustice. Besides, I know you. Let's face it, you're hooked! You can't walk out of here!
      Ellery: Goodnight, Dad. (exits)
      Velie: Ah, gee, that's too bad, Inspector. I thought you had him out of the water and into the boat! (Inspector Queen makes a shrugging, "just wait" gesture. Ellery walks back in)
      Ellery: I was just thinking....