Ellery Queen

Season 1 Episode 17

The Adventure of the Judas Tree


Full Episode: The Adventure of the Judas Tree (49:00)

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The Queens investigate when a wealthy industrialist and war profiteer is stabbed to death with a Chinese ceremonial dagger and then dragged out of his house and hung from a tree with a crown of buds from a Judas tree placed on his head. The case takes an unexpected turn when Ellery discovers that the victim was dying of acute lymphoma.

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Ellery suspects the killer may have been left handed because one of the cups in the china cabinet had been wiped clean. His theory is that, since it's the one on the left, it had placed there by someone who is left handed and George Sherman is right handed. Only Sherman was the one who used the cup and by Ellery's theory he would have taken the cup on the right. After the killer cleaned it he would have replaced it in the missing spot, which should have been on the right.
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