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  • Season 1
    • Live Action - Being a jungle photographer is not easy task even when its taking a picture of your friends. Every time Elliot tries to take a photograph, Paisley gets in the way! But Lionel comes to his aid. / Animation - Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson thwart Professor Mousiartys plan to steal all the mapleberries in the land. / Animation - After many fun filled attempts at flying Elliot learns the secret to soaring the skies / Live Action - Sometimes the answer to a great mystery is right under your nose. Or maybe its on your plate! When some tasty food goes missing, Detective Elliot Moose enlists the help of his friends to get to the bottom of things.moreless
    • Live Action - An attempt to cheer up Elliot goes wrong when his friends end up sad too! But a little kindness goes a long way in helping everyone feel happy again. / Animation - Sir Lionel Topcat invites Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson for a quick snack at Topcat Manor. To Lionels dismay all the cheese is missing. It doesnt take long for Detective Elliot to discover that the cheese thief is no one but the infamous Professor Mousiarty. / Animation - Prince Elliot rescues Sleeping Socks from the evil Mousputins sleeping spell. / Live Action - Whoo whoo! Engineer Elliot needs a caboose for his own toy train. Socks will trade him her caboose, but first, Elliot must find something to share! What will he find and who will share with him?moreless
    • Live Action - Beaverton lends Socks and Elliot a balloon or two. And they keep floating into the sky! But after taking one for a balloon ride, Elliot and Socks remember to thank their generous friend. / Animation - When Emperor Elliot doesnt have a royal robe for his birthday his faithful friends make him the best robe of all, the Friendship Robe. / Animation - On their way to hunt for treasure, Captain Elliot Moosebeard and the crew of the Playaround, come across what they believe to be a sea dragon and run for cover. Soon after Captain Elliot discovers that it wasnt a sea dragon after all but just plain driftwood. / Live Action - No nursery rhymes about a moose? Elliot cant believe it! But not to worry, his good friends have got that problem solved. Theyre going to make up a nursery rhyme especially for him!moreless
    • Live Action - What do you get when you eat a lot of bananas? A tummy ache of course! Lionel, Beaverton and Elliot help Socks realize that eating too much of anything, even bananas, isnt good for anyone. / Animation - When Captain Elliot Moosebeard and his crew happen upon an island entirely made of candy they couldnt be happier, until they all get tummy aches. Little do they know that its all an evil plot from Sir Mousey MacPilfer to take their ship the Playaround away from them. / Animation - Mong The Mousenificent and his henchmen the Space Monkeys, steal all the spinach for Amys space spinach pies. Luckily Captain Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks come to save the day. / Live Action - Chef Elliot and Chef Socks are cooking something up. They think its Mapleberry Pie, but its a big mess! Socks must tell Elliot the truth about his pie when he offers her a big bite!moreless
    • Live Action - They say muscle can move mountains, but what about boxes? Socks and Elliot are unable to lift their treasure box until Beaverton shows them its not the muscle but teamwork that counts. / Animation - Only the clever Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson can solve the case of the Squeakily Ghost, thats been keeping Farmer Beaverton up all night. Its Paisley hanging his laundry on the line. / Animation - A chameleon -like dragon makes things very difficult for Elliot Moose photographer, when he tries to take a picture of it. / Live Action - When Elliot, and in turn, his friends, discover an old hat, Elliot learns that its not what you wear that counts, but how you wear it with you friends!moreless
    • Live Action - Elliot has a great toy robot only problem is, Socks has broken it! And instead of telling Elliot, she breaks it again, by mistake! But Paisley has a great plan maybe Socks should tell the truth! / Animation - Paisley overcomes his stagefright when he saves his friends from a ferocious lion. / Animation - Purple Paw Fever has hit lions everywhere and Amy asks a healthy Lionel to join the circus in the city. Lionel agrees he always likes to help his friends theres just one problem, he doesnt want to go. With the help of his friends and Elliots mapleberries he avoids the circus and the noisy city. / Live Action - Blasketball is easy if youre the Ace of Space, but Lionel Lion is not. When Lionel tells his friends he is the Ace of Space and then cant play the game, he has some explaining to do!moreless
    • Live Action - Socks thinks Elliot and Paisley dont want to play with her anymore. But she soon learns that she shouldnt have doubted her friends and what a great surprise they make! / Animation - Woodsman Elliot saves the innocent Red Riding Socks from the evil Maus disguised as her grandmother / Animation - Sir Elliot and Squire Socks save a doomed town from the evil Queen Dragon, by using their magical juggling. / Live Action - Lionel cant sleep because Elliot and Socks are making too much noise, so he comes up with a plan to help them get tired. The only problem is by the end he is wide-awake and Elliot and Socks get an unexpected concert.moreless
    • Live Action - Elliot, Socks and Beaverton go on a hike. They learn about nature, get lost, and find their way home with the help of Lionel. / Animation - The race is on to see who will get to the top of Moose Mountain. After many failed attempts, our friends soon realize the fastest way to reach the top is to work together / Animation - Captain Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks help save Drusilla Dragons precious egg from the evil Mong the Mousenificent / Live Action - Elliot isnt tired and he wants to stay up all night. Never mind that that his friends are ready for bed, it wont matter or will it? Elliot learns that playing together is more fun after all.moreless
    • Live Action - Contests arent always about competing, they can be about co-operating too! When Lionel announces the First Annual Friends Song Contest, the toys learn that singing together makes the nicest notes. / Animation - Sir Mousey MacPilfer tricks the crew of Captain Elliots ship into taking him straight to the treasure of the Kings smile. But Mong soon learns that you get nothing when you dont share. / Animation - The Crew of the Landahoy search for treasure on a deserted island, but a painful clam keeps getting in the way. They soon discover the treasure theyve been searching for has been inside the annoying clam the whole time. A pearl. / Live Action - Sir Elliot Mooselot and Squire Socks decide to do some good deeds for King Lionel. But things get crazy when they try to both help Lionel at once, instead of working together.moreless
    • Live Action - Making a beaver dam takes a lot of hard work, understanding and furniture! The toys need a lot of things to build their dam, except there one problem, Lionels using all the good stuff! The toys learn that consideration and co-operation go hand in hand. / Animation - During a friendly game of spaceball, Captain Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks are accidentally sucked up into Space Cleaner Beavertons giant vacuum cleaner. Luckily for them a wishing star whizzes past and their friend Beaverton wishes them back to Planet Friendly. / Animation - Lost in the forest Socksel and Grelliot take the advice of their friend Paisels and follow the north star home. / Live Action - So many mapleberries, so little time! And Elliot is determined to eat them all! But he soon learns that sharing with his friends is the best way to eat mapleberries.moreless
    • Live Action - Painting still life is hard, especially when it moves. Lionel tries to paint pictures of his friends but they just cant stay still long enough! Elliot comes up with a fun way to solve Lionels problem. / Animation - In an attempt to catch a picture of the famous moustached mouse, Elliot Moose Jungle Photographer manages to only get pictures of the not- so- famous- but never- seen- before zig zag fly. / Animation - Ship wrecked on a desert island, Elliot and Socks become bored with Beavertons plans to build shelter and look for food there are so many fun things to play with! But when the night gets cold and they are hungry, Elliot and Socks learn that its better to work first then play later. / Live Action - Two teams of friends are racing to build the largest hopscotch game and it isnt easy. But it becomes easy when Elliot, Socks, Paisley and Beaverton all work together.moreless
    • Live Action - What would you do if it was your birthday and no one remembered? Elliot thinks his friends forgot his birthday, but hes in for a big surprise! / Captain Elliot Moosebeard and crew brave icy waters to find the Dragon Treasure. They reach their destination only to find a lonely Drusilla Dragon who is just looking to make friends. / Animation - When the genie Beaverton gives King Elliot three wishes for anything he wants. Elliot learns that good friends are better than all the wishes in the land. / Live Action - What lurks beneath a stormy sea? Lots of collectable treasures of course! Captain Moosebeard, First Mate Socks and Pirate Paisley set a course for fun and adventure!moreless
    • Live Action - Its fun to serve tea to your friends, but at three different tables? Elliot show his friends that tea time isnt just for tea, its for sharing too! / Animation - The devious Mong the Mouseficent is back to steal Amys secret space pie spice. But Mongs plan to trick Elliot and Socks with robot versions of their friends doesnt work. Elliot knows his friends too well. / Animation - Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson uncover Professor Mousiartys underground popcorn popping operation - in which hes used Farmer Beavertons missing corn / Live Action - Lionels funny tale about the Spooky Kooky Creature scares Elliot Moose, Jungle Photographer, and his friend Socks. But Elliot and Socks learn a valuable lesson about the importance of trusting their friends.moreless
    • Live Action - Elliot and Socks are happy homemakers, making their own cardboard house. They continue to ask Beaverton for help and then remember friends say thank you! / Animation - Its Miss Amys last day teaching at school and someone has taken all her chalk! Elliot Moose detective soon discovers that Miss Amys students needed the chalk to write her a special good bye message / Elliot and the gang visit the famous castle of the Purple Knight. When they come across a walking and talking suit of armor, they fear its the ghost the Purple Knight. They soon realize its only their friend Socks whos gotten into trouble and needs their help. / Live Action - Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson learn a valuable lesson about sharing when they take Beavertons walnuts without asking. They soon find out what it feels like to take something without asking first.moreless
    • Live Action - Elliot and Socks try to play quietly but keep waking Lionel up! They soon learn the importance of kindness and consideration towards their sleepy friend. / Animation - After a lot of hard work planting mapleberry seeds everywhere he can think of, Elliot Mapleberry is shocked to find no mapleberry bushes have grown. His friends then teach Elliot that you must plant seeds in the ground in order for them to grow. / Animation - After drinking from The Magic Pond, Sir Elliot falls under a spell that can only be broken by a dragons teardrop. / Live Action - Elliot? Scared? Not even a scary story can scare three friends like Socks, Paisley and Elliot, even when the threesome mistake each other for ghosts.moreless
    • Live Action - Socks is ready to go, go, go but Elliot is asleep! And after Socks tries to wake Elliot up, she falls asleep herself! But Elliot shows Socks what a good friend he is and lets her dream on. / Animation - King Lionel, Lady Socks, and Lady Amy doubt the magic of Wizard Elliots wand when the results arent instant. They then learn that patience is a virtue when all their wishes come true. / Animation - An overconfident Socks is so convinced she will win the Jungle Fun Run that she takes an extra long banana break. Much to her surprise, its slow and steady Elliot that wins in the end. / Live Action - Winning isnt everything, especially when it means cheating. Socks must learn to play fairly with her friends.moreless
    • Live Action - What do Elliot, Socks, and Beaverton do when Paisley get sad? They turn the in doors into a tropical island, thats what! Paisley gets the best cheering up ever, from his friends. / Animation - King Lionel learns with the help of his friends Elliot Moose Jungle Photographer and his assistant Socks, that the best way to get what you need is by asking. / Animation - Sir Elliot and Squire Socks come to rescue the town of Funsbury from Drusilla Dragon. They soon discover Drusilla would just like to be friends. / Live Action - Picking flowers for his best friend Socks seems easy enough, but Elliot soon discovers with everyone wanting some, that there just arent enough flowers to go around. Or are there?moreless
    • Live Action - Sometimes the hardest part about swimming is the getting wet. Elliot and his friends are having so much fun helping each other get ready for swimming; they forget one special thing for their pool. The water! / Animation - Elliot and Paisley help a well fed Socks escape the fate of the Gamu monkeys. / Animation - Elliot, Socks, Beaverton and Amy travel to Landahoy Island to dig for treasure, only to discover that good friends are the best treasure of all. / Live Action - Lionel dreams of being in a circus but as a clown! But never fear the best toy friends in the world are here! The friends help Lionels dream become true.moreless
    • Live Action - You cant have a scooter without a good tooter, but what happens when everyone wants to be the tooter? Beaverton helps his friends learn what sharing is all about. / Animation - Captain Elliot Moosebeard and Rocket Socks save the doomed Planet Friendly from a giant meteor. / Animation - Carrots from a carrot patch are stolen by a thief with elephant footprints. Detective Elliot soon discovers that the thief is not an invisible elephant but the villain Professor Mousiarty. / Live Action - Lionel is ready to be a king, but hes a little short on royal pride. So his good friends Elliot, Socks and Beaverton are going to help him find it, they just need some royal clothes first.moreless
    • Live Action - Mountain climbing can be a lot of fun, especially in your own home! Elliot, Socks and Paisley work together to brave steep cliffs and mountain lions, while learning what friendship is all about. / Animation - Captain Elliot Moosebeard and First Mate Socks rescue Amy Queen of the Waves from the evil Sea Dragon. / Animation - When a bunny goes missing from Lionels playground, Elliot Moose Country Detective and Dr. Sockson are called in to solve the case. They soon realize it was Mr. McBeaverton who took the bunny to paint brand new for his good friend Lionel. / Live Action - Elliot and Socks go on a treasure hunt in the backyard. His friends help him find great treasures. But after puzzling over the number of thimbles he finds, he soon discovers theres a hole in the bag.moreless
    • Live Action - Elliot learns baseball is more than home runs its a lot of practicing and help from his friends! / Animation - Elliot Moose Country Detective and Dr. Sockson discover the ghost in the haunted windmill is really Professor Mousiarty protecting his new hideout. / Animation - Through the adventures to find his lost Cape of Courage, Sir Elliot and Squire Socks help King Lionel realize he is brave even without it / Live Action - Socks is having a bad dreams and she doesnt want to go to sleep. Elliot, Lionel, and Beaverton share their funny dreams with her and she is reminded that neither dreams, nor a world with no bananas, are real.moreless
    • Live Action - Elliot, Socks, and Paisley take a trip to the North Pole. Not only do they see a walrus and a caribou; they see a polar bear too! That is, with a little help from Lionel. / Animation - Lord Paisley and Lady Amy are trapped in the tall tower. They are saved, thanks to their friends Sir Elliot, Squire Socks and even Drusilla Dragon. / Animation - Mong The Mousenificent has stolen the green cheese! Captain Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks catch the deviously clever thief red handed only to have him escape again. / LiveAction- Elliot cant make a single note on his trumpet and not even Paisley and his encyclopedia can help. Maybe the problem isnt music related but monkey related!moreless
    • Live Action - What do you get when you mix a car, a boat, a train, and a plane? A really big traffic jam that is, until Elliot and the other toys learn to play together. / Animation - Sheriff Elliot and Annie Socksley realize theres room enough for two artists in the town of Rainbow Gulch after a drawing duel. / Animation - Professor McPaisley will have to fire Elliot if he doesnt get a picture of the Loch Ness Monster soon. But, with the help of his good friends Socks and Beaverton he gets the picture of the monster. / Live Action - Playing games is a lot of fun, but sometimes the rules are too hard! In this episode, Elliot, Socks, and Paisley make up some rules of their own.moreless
    • Live Action - No one likes the hiccups, especially when theyre roaring ones! Lionel finds the best way to cure hiccups is to have some good friends around. / Animation - Its a classic Cinderella tale when Sockserella meets up with her fairy Godfather Beaverton and heads to the Princes Ball to charm the handsome Prince Elliot. / Animation - King Lionel declares today Not A Lion Day. After trying his hand at being a monkey, giraffe, and snake he realizes hes best at being what he is A lion. / Live Action - If the hat fits, wear it. But what if the hat doesnt fit? Elliot wants to be part of the Cap Club, but he has two small problems, on his head his horns! Elliot learns that while clubs can be fun, being yourself is what counts.moreless
    • Live Action - No one likes to hear friends argue especially about their tails! Elliot and Lionel decide to teach Socks and Beaverton the importance of getting along. / Animation - King Lionel retires from his duties as a king he just wants to relax. But living under the rule of the newly crowned Queen Socks makes him realize there are benefits along with duties to being a King. / Animation - On an escapade to catch a photo of The Giant Pongolongo monster, Socks goes missing. Elliot Moose Jungle Photographer and Professor Paisley fear the worst. When they confront what they believe to be the monster, they soon realize it was Socks all along! / Live Action - Its Playroom Art Gallery Day and its a race to the finish or is it? Elliot learns that being different isnt a bad thing, and friends accept you for who you are.moreless
    • Live Action - Life on other planets is interesting, especially when that life form is Lionel! Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks are observing the Planet Zog and learn how to help their friend. / King Lionel is about to receive the award for the loudest roar. Theres only one problem, he suffers from stagefright and has completely lost his roar. Luckily his friends Elliot and Socks are there to help him find it. / Animation - Its a big sticky mess when Elliot and the gang use their marshmallows from the Annual Marshmallow roast to save a train from disaster. / Live Action - Making a castle is fun, that is, if you dont get caught in the middle! Sir Elliot finds himself in a tight spot until Sir Beaverton and Sir Socksalot come to his rescue.moreless