Elliot Moose

Season 1 Episode 26

Smile!/Case of the Missing Mapleberries/Fly By Knight/The Mousetrap

Full Episode: Smile!/Case of the Missing Mapleberries/Fly By Knight/The Mousetrap


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Live Action - Being a jungle photographer is not easy task even when its taking a picture of your friends. Every time Elliot tries to take a photograph, Paisley gets in the way! But Lionel comes to his aid. / Animation - Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson thwart Professor Mousiartys plan to steal all the mapleberries in the land. / Animation - After many fun filled attempts at flying Elliot learns the secret to soaring the skies / Live Action - Sometimes the answer to a great mystery is right under your nose. Or maybe its on your plate! When some tasty food goes missing, Detective Elliot Moose enlists the help of his friends to get to the bottom of things.moreless
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