Elliot Moose

Season 1 Episode 11

Wake Up Elliot!/A Little Magic/Slow & Steady!/Spoil Sport

Full Episode: Wake Up Elliot!/A Little Magic/Slow & Steady!/Spoil Sport


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Live Action - Socks is ready to go, go, go but Elliot is asleep! And after Socks tries to wake Elliot up, she falls asleep herself! But Elliot shows Socks what a good friend he is and lets her dream on. / Animation - King Lionel, Lady Socks, and Lady Amy doubt the magic of Wizard Elliots wand when the results arent instant. They then learn that patience is a virtue when all their wishes come true. / Animation - An overconfident Socks is so convinced she will win the Jungle Fun Run that she takes an extra long banana break. Much to her surprise, its slow and steady Elliot that wins in the end. / Live Action - Winning isnt everything, especially when it means cheating. Socks must learn to play fairly with her friends.moreless
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