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The Nine Network (ended 1990)


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Elly & Jools

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Jools Trevaller retells the story - from the beginning. At first Jools is less than happy when his parents move from the city to the small town of Waterloo Creek to renovate an old hotel called "The Help". While checking out the upstairs rooms he meets Elly who claims she is a ghost. At first he doesn't believe her, but has no choice after she proves it several times. The O'Farrells though want the Trevallers out of "The Help" so they can find some lost since forgotten treasure. Each episode was recapped and introduced by Jools. Theme Song: The theme song was written by Chris Harriott and Dennis Watkins. The song was sung by Andrew Cam and Nadine Weinberger. Help me through the world (take my hand) Take me by the hand (don't let go) Stay close by my side, when I need a friend Once upon a time, I believed I didn't need any help but mine Then you came along and showed me I was wrong Help me through the world (take my hand) Take me by the hand (don't let go) Stay close by my side, when I need a friend Help me through the world (take my hand) Take my hand and then (then we'll see) You will be my guide, til the end of time Help me through the world Alternative Series Titles: Das Geisterhaus von Waterloo Creek - Germanmoreless
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  • One of the few things on tellie that got me out of bed early on a Saturday morning as kid.

    Growing up regional Australia tv options were slim - the government channel or local country station, which was a hodgepodge of all the content from the commerical networks plus a couple of locally produced programs. Ellie and Jools was one of those shows that was replayed every Summer holidays for about three years. At one point it was shown at six o'clock on a Saturday morning. It is the only thing I can ever recall getting out bed for as a child that early and I didn't miss a single episode.

    Up until Ellie and Jools I thought ghosts were horrible and scarey. I love all the tricks that they played on people...and can remember the both riding about on a bike. Rebecca Smart was great but ever since no matter what I've watched whenever I seen her I can only think of Ellie and Jools. In my opion certainly worth a look. Would be seriously interested in watching again to see if/how it has dated.moreless

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