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  • Season 1
    • Let It Burn
      Let It Burn
      Episode 13
      Bob Neal has Elvis, Scotty and Bill sign their Louisiana Hayride contracts and then they're off to Houston for a show. Mattie goes to the show without telling Elvis, to surprise him, but she's the one who is surprised when she finds him in the dressing room with another woman.
    • Bodyguards
      Episode 12
      With the crowds (especially the females) becoming more wild at the shows, Bob Neal hires bodyguards for Elvis. This delights Gladys but Elvis hates it. Elvis decides to prove to everyone that when not on stage, no one will recognize him.
    • Old Man
      Old Man
      Episode 11
      Sam Phillips urges Elvis to hire Bob Neal as his manager but Elvis and Bill try to stick with Scotty, who is becoming overwhelmed with the job.
    • Moody's Blues
      Moody's Blues
      Episode 10
      While on the road in between gigs, Elvis enters a pawn shop and finds a guitar that brings back memories of Moody Williams. Moody was a poor, black, blues singer Elvis met when he was a senior in high school while trying to pawn his guitar for much needed money for the family. In the flashback sequence, the 18 year old Elvis learns some important lessons about life and the blues from Moody.moreless
    • Four Mules
      Four Mules
      Episode 9
      After nearly having a car accident (because of four stray mules) on their way to a Louisiana Hayride performance with Sam Phillips, Elvis, Scotty and Bill have trouble keeping their minds on the performance.
    • Sun Sessions
      Sun Sessions
      Episode 8
      Still haunted by his Opry performance, Elvis has more difficulty in the studio trying to get his style onto a record.
    • Grand Ole Opry
      Grand Ole Opry
      Episode 7
      When Sam Phillips gets Elvis a spot on the Grand Ole Opry, he quits his job at Crown Electric for good. When the Opry performance is met with restrained light applause, Elvis is hurt and depressed and decides to return to Memphis early. To make matters worse, when he gets back he discovers that Mattie is seeing another guy.moreless
    • Roots
      Episode 6
      Elvis and the boys go to Tupelo, Mississippi for a gig. While there Elvis looks up a childhood friend of his named Teddy, who is black, and the visit lands Elvis right in the middle of the town's racial tensions.
    • Hole in the Pocket
      Elvis, Scotty and Bill each receive a royalty check for the 'That's All Right' single, and Elvis promptly buys a pink Cadillac and quits his job at Crown Electric. Later, Elvis realizes he acted to hastily when Sam Phillips informs him that the royalty checks are only issued every six months.moreless
    • Bel Air Breakdown
      Elvis, Scotty and Bill are on the road doing a series of small town shows. Bill is feeling resentment and frustration because, even though he is the one that has sparked the crowd at some of the shows and keeps repairing the car when it breaks down, Elvis is the one getting all the attention and more money. After the car breaks down yet again at a small town, Bill angrily quits the band.moreless
    • The Locket
      The Locket
      Episode 3
      Elvis, Scotty and Bill get a spot on Slim Whitman's show at the Overton Park Shell. At the show they get no reaction from the audience until Elvis remembers how the preacher at his church would suddenly jump and shout to get the congregation's attention. Also, Elvis and Mattie are growing closer and she gives him her locket, but Elvis is finding that the temptations of life on the road are hard to resist.moreless
    • The Storm
      The Storm
      Episode 2
      After Elvis, Scotty and Bill record the song, 'That's All Right', Sam Phillips prods a DJ friend of his into playing the record on his radio program. As a nervous Elvis paces the streets that evening, the song becomes an overnight sensation in Memphis.
    • Money, Honey
      Money, Honey
      Episode 1
      Elvis is very excited when Sam Phillips sets him up with Scotty Moore and Bill Black to rehearse some songs. But when Vernon hurts his back at work, he insists that Elvis work overtime at his job at Crown Electric to help the family. Elvis doesn't mind doing this, but it means he won't be able to rehearse with Scotty and Bill.moreless