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Animal Planet (ended 2001)


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Emergency Vets

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Emergency Vets is a series where we follow the four main vets of the show : Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Dr. Robert Taylor,Dr. Jason Soukup and Dr.Holly Knor, as they try and save every animal that is sick.

This series ended in the 2001 but the excitement that this show gave out lives on.

Reruns of the show can be seen weekdays at 11:00 and 11:30 on Animal Planet.
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  • interesting...

    Emergency Vets follows a few vets at a vetreinary hospital in their efforts to save animals. This is a reality show so everything that is shown is real. I kind of like this show. It's nothing special and it's good if there's nothing else on. I really like Dr. Fitzgerald because he makes the cases interesting. There are also a lot of unique animals that make it on the show, which is cool. Other than that, though, emergency vets is just a show following a few vets and it's not the type of show I like. It's good for what it is, but it's not for me.moreless
  • I like this show. It tells and shows that these vets care about animals.

    I have been watching this program for a long time. I love animals and I like to watch these vets save animals. They know what they are doing. I'm glad to know that there are people out there like the emergency vets. Not many places in the United States has a place to take their animals at night when their own vets are closed. The Emergency vets is a show that people should watch, and they would then know what it is like to save a dog, cat, or any other animal that maybe wouldn't survive if it wasn't for people like the emergency vets. I'm glad that there are places that you can take you animals to like a hospital for people. It's nice to know that if it weren't for people like them there would be alot of animals not be alive today.moreless
  • This show documents what it's like as a vet and even as an owner.

    Great series that document many days in the lives of the Emergency vets. This series is upfront about the heard to make choices when it comes to the future of an ill animal. Great learning tool for the 12 and older crowd that may be intersted in a career as a vet. This show should still be made..
  • A great show twords animal lovers.

    This show was very great. I watched it a lot because im an animal lover and would like to be a vet. It showed problems that went on in the animal and told you what was wrong and informed you on all that stuff. It made me cry sometimes as well. Any way this show was about the typical vet days. Only the catch was it was emergency vet meaning they had to be on their feet for the most critical and crusal animal cuts and bone shatterings and animal abuse after math. I say that because when an animal is abused it comes to the rescue center and then they find out what all is wrong with it and that could be life threatning to the animal.moreless
  • Follow the good doctors at Alameda East, saving critters every day.

    What do you think happens when you drop off your 'best friend' at the vet?

    This series lets you see behind the scenes of a Los Angeles animal care center. Watch as the staff complete tense surgical procedures; share the highs and lows of the pets' loyal owners; and wait on pins and needles for the outcome of every riveting case. Fun for all ages--although parents should know that not every story has a happy ending. (Most do, but they are realists here: they take you exactly where the true end of the case goes, rain or shine.)

    Everything from dog rescues, to snakes with mysterious alimentary issues, to bunnies with colds. If you've ever played frisbee with Fido, wondered why your iguana won't eat, or just had a natural curiosity about science, this show is for you.moreless