Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1972 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Johnny sitting in the squad reading a book on practical jokes. We discover that Johnny has been the victim of several practical jokes. As Roy and Johnny discuss this, the station is called out to a construction accident.

When they arrive at the scene, we see a man dangling on a rope from a high tower. Johnny and Roy go up the ladder of the tower in order to repel down to the man. The man is conscious but in extreme pain. Roy frees the block and they lower him down to the next platform of the tower. The man pleads with them for pain meds. Roy explains that they can't give him any pain meds until they get him to the hospital. The ladder truck has arrived during the rescue. They send the ladder up with a stokes. With the help of the engine crew, Roy and Johnny get the victim loaded into the stokes.

Upon arrival at Rampart, Roy and John talk to a nurse. They talk about their feelings of helplessness in that they could not give the patient any pain meds. They are interrupted when the handietalkie comes to life, summoning them out on another call.

They arrive at the next call, a possible heart case. They both recognize the address. When the couple argues, Martha fakes illness to get even. They enter the house and see a woman lying on the couch. Roy recommends a treatment. They decided to try a little "spirit for the soul" aka smelling salts. They talk to her about not faking anymore. They explain there are 60 paramedics for 7.5 million people, and when they respond to fake calls, it means they can't respond to someone who really needs them.

They stop by Rampart to get supplies. They discuss options for revenge on who ever it was who has targeted Johnny for practical jokes. They go into the lounge, where we find Dixie and Dr. Brackett. They tell Dixie they need some supplies. She tells them to ask Nurse Walters. Johnny tells her he did, but she needs her approval. Dixie tells him he has it. He and Roy both take note of the chill in the air. Evidently they have interrupted some sort of dispute between Dixie and Brackett. They beat a quick retreat.

After they guys leave, Dixie and Brackett continue their discussion. The previous day, Brackett chewed out a student nurse. Dixie was not happy about it. The student nurses are her responsibility. It came up over dinner last night. Brackett walked out on the dinner. He reminds her that they had a pact to leave hospital business at the hospital. He gets called to a treatment room. As he leaves, she tells him she'll wash his cup.

In treatment room five, we find Dr. Early pacing nervously. Seems a patient thought his stethoscope was too cold. When she jumped, one of the buds got lodged in his ear. With Dixie assisting, Dr. Brackett removes it.

Back at 51, it's time for roll call. This is one of the few times other than inspections we see the guys wearing their black caps. Chet will be the cook for the day. He collects money from all the men. As he does this, Johnny and Roy softly discuss Johnny's plotted revenge. After Chet finishes collecting the money, the Captain assigns Stoker to conduct a Girl Scout tour. There is an inspection that day as well, and he wants everything tip top. After they are dismissed, Johnny explains his plan to inject soft cream candies with garlic extract. Roy is not impressed.

Station 51 then gets called out on an industrial accident at a movie studio. Upon arrival at the station, they find the victim has fallen from beam setting up a shot. The man says he got dizzy and fell. He broke his leg in the fall. When Roy asks if he's ever had dizzy spells before, he says no.

In Rampart the victim is telling Brackett what happened. He describes his symptoms as headache, nausea, sore throat, and double vision. Breathing difficulties become increasingly pronounced, to the point where a trach must be done. Now, they must find what caused the man's rapid respiratory arrest.

Blood, urine, and x-rays are all negative. They begin to review the facts again. When vision is mentioned, the double vision leads Brackett to what he calls a "long shot," Botulism. They discuss it. Brackett feels they can't wait for lab tests to confirm it since it's generally a group outbreak. He orders Dixie to contact the health department, telling them the Chief of Emergency Services has diagnosed a probable case of Botulism.

In the next scene, Dr. Brackett is explaining to the victim's wife what her husband's problem. He stresses the importance of her husband's meals in the last 36 hours to locate the source of the Botulism.

A discussion at the base station area, we found the drugs are available. The health department is on the move too. Squad 51 calls in with a female victim. She has the same symptoms as the man with Botulism. Brackett gets her name and we discover that the victims know the woman. We discover they ate together at the Yacht Club the previous day. He gives Roy orders regarding treatment and meds. Small blooper here too…instead of D5W, Brackett says DW5.

In Brackett's office, they discuss what both victims ate at the dinner. The victim's wife did not eat the Stroganoff, but the man and other female victim did eat it. As he exits his office, he is met with reporters wanting comments. From reporters, we learn they have information that has not yet been released, pointing to a leak in the health department. Brackett refuses to comment. He goes into his office. Later, he joins the others at the base station and lets them know he's informed health department and that there is a leak. In the midst of this, Roy and Johnny get called out on a rescue with a child trapped in an abandoned building.

They arrive at the scene to find a young boy trapped in an abandoned building. The paramedics go in to find him. Using a Kennedy probe they locate him in the rubble. It takes a while, but they extract him from the building using tools to support the walls as they move beams and rubble. They send the boy to Rampart for some "TLC" from Nurse McCall. When he ends the call on the base station, he turns to Dixie for a translation of TLC.

While the rescue is going on, Joe informs him the health department has called. Another hospital has patients with similar symptoms. They have a background with Rampart's patients. They all ate the Stroganoff. Nancy Dixon comes in with the Stroganoff. She used home canned mushrooms.

Lab reports come in with all tests positive, it was the mushrooms and all victims are accounted for.

Johnny sees candy on the table…the same candy he doctored…he forgets and gets a piece. The expression on his face is priceless.

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