Season 2 Episode 1

Decision a.k.a. Problem

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1972 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the first and only time that the Bio-Phone's antenna is placed on the outside of the ambulance body instead of on top of the Bio-Phone. It was clearly a plot device to cause them to have no contact with the hospital.

    • Character Note: Chet Kelly starting wearing a mustache in this episode.

    • The car that the engine was been pulled out of appears to be a high performance V-8 edition of a 1962 Ford Galaxie, as the crossed flags emblem on the fender signify. But the engine on the hoist, either being pulled out or going in, is a bare bones stock straight
      six cylinder!

    • This episode was with the Crown 51. Of all the episodes shown with the Crown 51 the only episode that it was shown getting a supply line was in Hang-up. It wasn't until the Ward La France 51 that engine 51 used supply lines regularly.

    • Goofs: When Roy is in the bunk room and wakes up thinking about everything, he puts on his bunker pants and walks out. If you watch carefully, while he is putting on the pants, the front right suspender comes off and is dangling behind him. As we watch him walk through the door from behind, the suspender is still hanging, but when the camera cuts to a view of him coming through the door from the front, the suspender is reattached! Goof: Stoker and Lopez pull on the chain to hoist the engine then go and help remove the victim. The engine did not fall after they let go of the chain. Goof: The guy in ambulance is supposedly choking (coughing but his body is not moving. Goof: When Roy stops the Squad to get the victim (Bull) and he looks out the window where's Gage? It also looks like Roy is sitting on the passenger side.

      Goof: And when the squad is bringing in the man after the engine fell on him, why is the man in backwards? When did stretchers start putting the patient's head pointing to the window?

      Goof: EKG on patient (Doctor) he's not patched in and the monitor shows V fib after being shocked, and they all just stare at it. Shouldn't he be shocked again?. Goof: Roy & Johnny leave behind the stokes when they rescue the guy gored by the bull. Goof: When the call goes out for the house fire at the end station 51 gets called out with engines 95, 105 and truck 107. However at the actual scene none of the other stations that got called out show up. Engines 800 and 801 are shown obviously not having been dispatched. Also squad 51 rolls up to the house while engine 51 stops up the street presumably to get a supply line. HOWEVER when engine 51 starts up again, engine 127 is shown from the pilot movie with the hose flopping off the back and as engine 51 is shown again rolling up to the front of the house there is NO HOSE flopping off the back.

  • Quotes

    • Roy: (after talking to Dr. Sutherland) Is there a problem?

      Brackett: if there was you would have herd it from me.

    • Johnny:(after Roy told him he's not going to transfer) You know for two cents I'll transfer myself.

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