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  • Season 1
    • The Wedsworth-Townsend Act

      Seeing a dire need in the community for on-the spot medical assistance, LA County Firefighters Roy DeSoto and John Gage attempt to convince their staunchest opponent, Chief of Emergency Services Dr. Kelly Brackett, to support paramedic legislation that means getting help to where it's needed most. Martin Miller and Kent McCord of "Adam-12" guest star in this thrilling 2-hour pilot movie.

    • Mascot
      Episode 1
      A woman involved in a car accident is concerned about her dog so John agrees to take care of it, which complicates his life. At the hospital, doctors treat a girl who has difficulty breathing and a man who appears to be drunk. When a man has chest pains at a party, his guests think he is joking. The paramedics rescue an injured hunter.moreless
    • A Jolt to the Heart
    • Botulism
      Episode 2
      John plots his revenge after being the repeated target of practical jokes. A man breaks his back falling off a tower. A woman fakes an illness. Dr. Early's stethoscope becomes lodged in his ear. A man brought into the hospital from a movie set is the first indication of an outbreak of botulism. A boy is trapped in a condemned building.moreless
    • Ring Problem
    • Cook's Tour
      Cook's Tour
      Episode 3
      John delivers a cyanotic baby. The firemen give Roy a bad time about his cooking. A boy gets his hand stuck in a vase; John rescues a kid in handcuffs. A man repairing a washer gets an electric shock. The paramedics rescue a man trapped on a crane.
    • All in the Family
    • Brushfire
      Episode 4
      Station 51 is called up to fight a wildfire. John and Roy rescue an elderly woman and her sister, treat an injured fireman, deliver a baby, catch a looter, and find a boy's lost dog.
    • Oh Doctor!
    • Dealer's Wild
      Dealer's Wild
      Episode 5
      John keeps losing at cards and being stuck with doing the dishes at the station, so he creates his own card game. Roy talks down a boy in a plane after the pilot (his father) has a heart attack. The paramedics respond to an attempted suicide, an overturned truck and a teenage overdose victim.moreless
    • Nurse's Wild
      Nurse's Wild
      Episode 6
      A store owner shoots an armed robber and is filled with remorse. Sparks fly between Johnny and a nurse. Dr. Early treats an alcoholic. A dog delays the rescue of an unconscious woman. Dr. Morton assumes an unconscious hippie is on drugs. The firemen rescue a man trapped at a chemical plant.moreless
    • Injured Fiancé
    • Publicity Hound
      Publicity Hound
      Episode 7
      John is envious of the publicity given to another paramedic. After Roy and John rescue a man trapped in ship's rigging, John gets seasick. Dr. Brackett clashes with a tycoon over a diagnosis. The paramedics rescue a horse from a ditch and a child stuck in a well.
    • Twice Broken
      Twice Broken
      Episode 7
      A teen breaks his arm for a second time; a woman collapses during a manicure; and a man worries he's contracted an STD.
    • Weird Wednesday
      Weird Wednesday
      Episode 8
      John is convinced that weird things will happen on their shift: a parachutist lands in a tree, an obese man collapses while jogging, an 80-year old woman breaks her ankle while dancing, a man can't stop the hiccups, a boy tries to cryogenically freeze himself, an golfer is bitten by a snake, a prostitute brings in a customer suffering from chest pains, and John is injured during the rescue of a drunk driver.moreless
    • Possible Stroke
    • Dilemma
      Episode 9
      An elevator gets stuck between floors, and then the brake drum fails; inside, a man has a heart attack. A nursing student is in awe of Dr. Brackett; a fireman buff develops a crush on John, who tries to get rid of her. A man is injured in his junkyard. An industrial accident takes place at a railroad yard.moreless
    • Under a Tree
    • Under a Tree
    • Hang-up
      Episode 10
      John misses the end of an Adam-12 episode. A jewel thief is trapped in an air-conditioning duct. Two battered men continue their brawl in the hospital. A man ruins his cast by going surfing. Dr. Brackett treats a woman with a neurological disorder. Radioactivity impedes the rescue of a lab worker.moreless
    • Behind the Wheel
    • Crash
      Episode 11
      John and Roy bring in a football player who was tackled too hard. A burglar has a heart attack. John wants Roy to apologize for calling him "some kind of nut." Dr. Early treats a hypochondriac. A babysitter brings in a child who has swallowed some pills. Roy and John rescue the occupants of a light plane that crashed in a tree.moreless
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