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NBC (ended 1977)

51 In Quarters Event- Engine 51, Squad 51 and Station "51" Reunited..

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    51 In Quarters was an event sponsored by the County Of Los Angeles

    Fire Museum on July 9th and 10th, 2011 in Carson, California. A newly

    restored Engine 51 (Ward La France) was reunited with Squad 51 at Station

    127, (used for exterior shots on the TV series) along with two of the cast

    members from the show, Mike Stoker and Randolph Mantooth. To see

    direct links to materials by this host organization.

    Please visit the following urls by cutting and pasting them into your browser's address bar.

    Internet Website


    Facebook Page

    These links are fully updated as of July 7th, 2012.

    Please bookmark this page and check back often for changes.

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    You Tube Videos


    Squad 51 and Engine 51 Leaving Station 127 by marissac2000

    Station 127 Day Room by marissac2000

    Engine 51 arriving back to Station 127 by marissac2000

    Station 51 leaving quarters.MOV by porletsky

    Emergency! "51 in Quarters" Event by Elsevier Public Safety

    51 in Quarters- Austrian fan gets to wear Johnny Gage's jacket. by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    51 In Quarters- Mike Stoker in a funny moment. by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    Emergency! LA County Fire Museum Event - Carson, CA - July 9, 2011 by ppbiatch

    51 In Quarters- Johnny Gage's Jacket by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    51 In Quarters- Squad leaving down street from the museum by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    51 In Quarters Squad 51 being driven at the museum on Sunday. by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    51 In Quarters- Watching Emergency DVDs by squad light. by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    51 In Quarters- Engine 51 in motion footage. by chameleonvoice (Patti Keiper)

    51 in Quarters, Randolph Mantooth speaking by schnorchzahn

    Randy Mantooth Talks About E! -In LA at Station 51 In Quarters by dzemergency

    Los Angeles County Fire Museum: 51 in Quarters by DKnabe

    Randolph Mantooth: We Wanted Emergency! to Be Real

    51 In Quarters Photo Album (51 in Quarters.wmv) by marissac2000

    Emergency 51 In Quarters by 51Whatsyouremergency

    Entire awards ceremony from 51 in Quarters by Firegal2011

    Emergency - Mike Stoker and "E" Fans at the LA County Fire Museum

    by 51Whatsyouremergency


    Facebook Videos


    Jul 15, 2011 12:36pm Added by Michael Boynton

    Engine 51 at the LA County Fire Museum [HQ] by Doug Richardson

    Videos from The Unofficial- 51 In Quarters Photo Gallery Group: Jul 15, 2011 2:14pm by Patti Keiper

    Autographs [HQ] by Doug Richardson

    Aug 3, 2011 3:45pm Added by Mike Murr

    Departing, Code 3! [HQ] by Ray Brown

    The Original [HQ] by Doug Richardson

    More Memories by Doug Richardson

    The Unofficial 51 In Quarters Xmas Music Video by Patti Keiper


    Event Articles


    LACountyFire- Together Again Short article.

    Thousands Attend Historic EMERGENCY! Event in Calif.

    51 In Quarters honored the unveiling of the newly restored "Engine 51" By Nancy Perry, Editor

    Emergency! "51 in Quarters"

    Historic Event a Huge Success as Engine and Squad 51 Meet Again

    EMERGENCY! "51 IN QUARTERS" by A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P | | Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Fire Warden-Volume 20, Issue 1 from the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum

    Engine 51 Restored and Reunited

    The Carson Report, Fall 2011 (See page seven.)


    Event Applications


    Engine 51 Coin Puzzle

    51 In Quarters Station 127 Puzzle

    Engine 51 Detail Close Up Puzzle

    Station 127 Home of the Show Puzzle

    Station 127 Crew and Emergency Cast Puzzle

    Ward La France Engine 51 Back End Puzzle

    Squad 51 in Conference Room Code 3 Puzzle

    51 In Quarters- Engine 51 Coin and Engine number

    51 In Quarters Screen Saver (zip file, self installing) by Patti Keiper


    General Internet Site Links


    Randy Mantooth's Album.. 51 In Quarters from

    51 In Quarters Event Added by Tommy Anderson


    County of Los Angeles Museum Official Photos Gallery of 51 In Quarters



    Chris Conkle- Los Angeles County Fire photographer

    Fire Engineers Net Gallery- 51 In Quarters

    Randy Mantooth Fan, Beepworld, Germany- 51 In Quarters Gallery

    Tumblr Squad 51, KMG 365 by Raenstrife

    Saturday, July 9, 2011 "51 in Quarters"

    JEMS 51 in Quarters Event photos

    Event photos by Shane Davis

    Special Event Photos by Michael Boynton

    Image7801's 51inquarterseventcarsonlacalifornia

    bigbend700 � Sets Emergency! Squad 51 in quarters

    Emergency! Squad 51 in quarters...: Olympus SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

    Mike Finnery-- Some engine shots

    By ~dinobat Mike Stoker in the Engine

    Emergency! shoot at LA County Fire Station 127 in Carson, CA On Flickr by Fire Attack

    Photobucket album by Daniela, Docswifey

    Emergency 51 by Mark Kawakami

    51 in Quarters by 51-KMG365!i=1417222952&k=qx68MCL

    Emergency 51 in Quarters by Timepassages

    July 9th, 51 in Quarters by Timmy2Tone

    Two new videos and photos by!i=1720721806&k=JhnqPNc

    World's Biggest Emergency Fan... by Scott Williams..

    51 In Quarters by Britt Stevens


    Fan Facebook Photo Sets


    51 In Quarters-- Saturday and Sunday. By Myron Ojala

    Celebrity Shots from 51 In Quarters By Patti Keiper

    51 In Quarters from a Minnesota fan's perspective PART THREE By Patti Keiper

    51 In Quarters from a Minnesota fan's perspective PART TWO By Patti Keiper

    51 In Quarters from a Minnesota fan's perspective PART ONE By Patti Keiper

    World's Biggest Emergency Fan Contest by mixed photographers.

    EMERGENCY! 51 in quarters event. By Mike Murr

    Emergency "51 In Quarters" Fire Museum part 3 - July 10, 2011 by Terri McKay

    Emergency "51 In Quarters" Fire Museum part 2 - July 10, 2011 by Terri McKay

    Emergency "51 In Quarters" Fire Museum part 1 - July 10, 2011 by Terri McKay

    51 In Quarters by Elizabeth Aronson.

    51 in Quarters - Last hours - the europeans made in .at and .de By Birgit Maria Quester

    51 In Quarters 2011 In STATION 51 aka L.A. COUNTY FIRE STATION 127

    "51 In Quarters" Emergency! Event By Kandace Peaslee

    William Dean-- A few other odds and ends from the 51 In Quarters event (Handouts)

    Emergency! "51 In Quarters" Event - July 9, 2011 by Sandra Cossin

    51 Back in Quarters, July 9, 2011 By Tom Anderson

    Emergency! In Quarters Event By Annie Tautz

    "Emergency!" TV reunion By The Carson Pulse

    51 in Quarters Event By EMSWorld (EMS - EMT - Paramedic - Emergency Medical Services)

    July 09, 2011 By Marisol Esparza

    Tennesse Gang -- In The Unofficial- 51 In Quarters Photo Gallery Group

    August 6th.. Taken at Station 127's open house by Ray Brown

    Squad 51,10-4! By Raul Moreno

    Squad 51 in Quarters, July 9 & 10, 2011 By DeAnn Sather

    51 In Quarters By Renae Guy Carpenter

    51 In Quarters! by Jennie Cesario

    51 in Quarters 7/9/11 By Mark Peck

    Emergency! by Janice Willcocks (Neemps on


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