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Bloopers, We Have Bloopers

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    [1]May 31, 2009
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    Watching my DVDs from seasons 1 to 5, I have found loads of bloopers to add to episode information. Some could be blamed on use of stock footage, others sheer carelessness on the parts of directors and/or producers.

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    I love watching for stock footage errors... I call them "Stock Footage Alerts" to my son. Most egregious are the shots of them pulling out of the station. In season three, the Crown pumper was replaced with a Ward LaFrance enclosed cab pumper. Yet in seasons 3 thru 6 there are many times when the stock footage shows teh Crown pulling out of the station.

    There's not only stock footage... there is stock audio, too. Note at just about every fire, if you listen to the ambient noise you can hear someone saying "C'mon, let's gooooo" - sometimes more than once.

    Another example of stock audio is in the early seasons, when the dispatch seems to be always on in the background both at the station and on a rescue, at some point the dispatcher will ask "Squad 3, what is your status?".

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