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Emergency! should be on TV Land.

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    Granted I own all the seasons of this show, but I still think they need play the re-runs on TV Land. They play more recent shows like Married with Children and Roseanne, then older shows like The Cosby Show, M*A*S*H*, Bonanza, etc. Why not Emergency?

    I watched the re-runs when I was a little girl and I never forgot the show as I grew up. That's why I own the entire series now. A show about comraderie, friendship, loyalty and doing the right thing regardless of the personal cost was a very inspiring message that this show told. Having the show also show how the (at the time) newly designated Paramedics program worked, how important it was for as many people as possible to educate themselves with emergency first-aid, heart-health awareness and above all else, knowing the proper technique for CPR inspired people to learn. It also inspired many watchers to become firefighters and/or paramedics, my father was one of those people.

    If I get stuck at home watching television, I'd rather watch a cleverly written show with memorable and lovable characters, than a bunch of loud, rude, obnoxious drunks who get famous for their deplorable behavior. I'm very grateful to this show, I think if I never saw a show that taught moral values and courage, I would be a far less better person. I have a natural curiosity about medicine and emergency medical training. I'm proud to say that at the age of 12, I took an emergency medical training course and learned the correct way to treat superficial cuts and burns, the proper technique for the Heimlich maneuver and of course, CPR. That's right, 12 years old and I learned CPR, a skill I hope I never have to use, but will be damn grateful that I know it if I have to.

    I digress: A show that was as memorable and powerful as this, deserves to be on TV once again, who know? Maybe they can inspire a new generation to become firefighters / paramedics / doctors / nurses. At least, we can hope, right?

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    It was on TV Land. They did a full run of the series twice about 8-10 years ago.

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    It is on the over the air station Me TV and Netflix.

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