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    I have been watching these and have mixed feelings. Though I liked seeing Roy and John again in a movie, I absolutely HATED the fact on "the most deadly passage" That Roy and John were basically made to be just observers!

    Why even have a movie about the two major characters in Emergency if you are not going to use THEM and use other completely unknown actors instead? That was completely stupid!

    Did not make any sense to me...even some of the other movies concentrated on other unknown actors instead of Roy and John.

    Not to mention the fact that the actors like Chet and the Captain completely dissappeared from these movies, they used other actors acting as firefighters instead...again a very stupid move!

    I don't know why the other actors were not in the movies or if it had to do with them moving on to other things, but to me, it took away some of the magic the series had.

    I can only rate these movies as average...nothing much special about them at all.

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