Season 7 Episode 4

Greatest Rescues of Emergency!

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 31, 1978 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Clips shown, in order of appearance:

      The Wadsworth-Townsend Act (Pilot) – Johnny applies for the paramedic program;  Two passengers and Dixie are trapped under a burning overturned car

      The Séance (S2E18) – Man trapped in his car under water

      Simple Adjustment(S5E10) – Man trapped on a burning boat

      Peace Pipe (S2E05) – Woman trapped in her girdle

      Women (S2E09) – Man trapped in a sofabed

      The Hard Hours (S3E19) – Young woman's toe trapped in bathtub faucet

      Cook's Tour (S1E03) – Man trapped on tower crane

      Virus (S2E04) – Johnny passes out while rescuing man trapped on scaffolding

      The Promise (S3E11) – Johnny receives a pet dog from a woman he rescued in a previous episode

      Computer Terror (S6E09) – A pet dog harasses Roy and Johnny while they treat a man with back problems

      Insanity epidemic (S6E14) – Chet tries to get Henry to sleep in a doghouse instead of the couch

      Floor Brigade (S3E19) – Three-Alarm response at paint warehouse fire

      Kidding (S4E17) – Plane crashes into school bus

      The Mouse (S4E20) – Jet fighter crashes into apartment building

      Show Biz (S2E03) – Johnny is chosen to participate in a photo shoot

      Messin' Around (S3E16) – Chet "The Phantom" Kelly plays practical jokes on Johnny

      Snake Bite (S3E06) – Johnny is bitten by a rattlesnake

      The Indirect Method (S5E06) – Roy and Johnny are assigned a hard-nosed female trainee

      The Nuisance (S5E22) – Roy, Johnny, and Marco end up in the hospital together

      The Promotion (S3E07) – Roy saves Johnny's life during a structure fire