Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1972 on NBC

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  • The reasons I chose alternate reality are: Do people really go OCD on things, then forget they were hyperfocused? Yes they do. BUT do hospitals really ask all visitors to leave because "visiting hours are over"--at somewhere between 2 and 5 AM?

    One of the few, possibly only, episodes where one knows the date it took place. I know that this episode was "set" on November 10, 1971. How do I know that? Elementary! That was the airdate for the Adam-12 episode featured in Hang-up. Since nobody Johnny calls could tell him how it ended, I figure that none of them had seen it previously--and they expect that they'll be able to see it "next summer" in reruns. Therefore, it was clearly a first run of the episode. 11/10/71 it was!

    I enjoyed how really OCD Gage was; I have had times I was that focused, and it really does drive others wonky. However, I know how true it can be that bigger issues can completely cloud that focus. I wonder which writer, or other person in the process, knows someone with a good set of OCD symptoms; Johnny's got a low-grade case, at least. I also appreciated seeing Roy trying, subtly, to shut up the prisoner they were taking in. I loved that this guy wouldn't shut up, even though there was a police officer in the ambulance. He was just SO proud of his great MO, and what a great deal it was for him. Roy tries to re-direct his talk--he clearly doesn't want the guy to be "testifying against himself" when he's injured and not thinking clearly. Finally, I did like the last portion of the episode, with the radiation accident. Despite a couple of editing goofs (unless Captain Hammer was saying Kelly was worth two men, and visiting hours really ARE over at 3 a.m.), it did a good job of showing how fire fighters have to be aware of, and work around, situations such as radiation leaks, etc.
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