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  • Emergency did more to promote awareness of CPR, first aid, and Emergency Medical Services such as paramedics than any show on TV has ever done.

    Emergency was a landmark show for spotlighting the work of paramedics. It helped to increase awareness of emergency care. The show centers on one of the shifts at Station 51 and staff at Rampart General Hospital where victims are taken.

    There are six men assigned to each shift: an engineer, a captain, two fire fighters, and two fire fighter paramedics. There were two Captains during the series. I prefer Captain Stanley. He came off more personal with the his men.

    Mike Stoker who played the engineer was a fire fighter/engineer in real life. They needed someone who was certified to drive the engine. Mike also happened to have a screen actors' guild card. They under used him. He hardly ever got lines.

    Marco Lopez and Chet Kelly were fire fighters. Marco was fluent in Spanish and translated on a few occasions. Chet had an alter ego he called the Phantom who loved to torment John Gage.

    John Gage and Roy DeSoto were the paramedics. They generally had several rescues during the episode. It was realistic in that they didn't save everyone.

    Dr. Brackett, Dr. Early, Dr. Morton, and nurse Dixie McCall were the regulars on the hospital staff. They made a good team. Once the patient was brought into Rampart, they swung into action. As with the paramedics, the hospital staff couldn't always save everyone, making it very realistic. In addition to the rescues, we saw the relationships the characters had with each other. They all had their ups and downs.

    Emergency was very realistic and beats the so called reality shows of today hands down.