Emergency! - Season 2

NBC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • 9/16/72
    Roy and John rescue a man whose engine has fallen on him during his car repair work. When their two-way radio is broken, Roy treats the man without proper medical supervision, causing the man's doctor to attack the paramedic program. Also: a bull gores a motorcyclist, a doctor on a consult at the hospital dies of a heart attack, Roy rescues a child from a house fire.moreless
  • Kids
    Episode 2

    Dr. Early risks his career when he treats a young boy and then accuses the parents of abuse, after the girl who approaches Dixie, asking her to give the airplane to him, before asking her if her best friend fell simply by running away from home, to recognize the boy found her to be a liar. John and Roy help a boy whose head is stuck in a window and the station adopts a stray dog they name boot. The dog helps with a rescue.

  • Show Biz
    Episode 3

    Johnny is asked to be a model for a photo shoot involving the firefighters. A call for a man who is trapped under a tractor has Roy and Johnny in search for a doctor when their radio signal fails to reach Rampart. A country doctor stops by and assists the guys and soon becomes a victim himself when he suffers chest pains. A woman is depressed about running over and killing the girl, when her father appears at Rampart to bully one of Ms. McCall's nurses, beseeching to see the woman, only to find out she died of a brain hemorrhage. The guys later help rescue a drowning man, and are called to a movie set where a man is trapped in a broken wagon over a waterfall.

  • Virus
    Episode 4

    The key to a virus which has struck down a few citizens along with Dr. Brackett and Johnny, may lie with a sick woman and her pet monkey. Dixie talks to the wife, whose husband is absolutely dying. While Dixie, Dr. Early and Roy treat Johnny, Nurse Walters and Dr. Early treat Dr. Brackett; who heard they found the solution to the virus. A boy feels vertigo while he is up in his tree house, due to an inner ear infection. The station responds to a call involving a man trapped on a scaffold.

  • Peace Pipe
    Episode 5

    Chet teases Johnny about his Indian heritage. A child is left trapped inside a parked vehicle when it is rammed by another car, where the doctors have high concerns about the girl who may have brain damage, this leads Dixie, before Dr. Brackett, into explaining her parents about this disability. A kid gets his finger caught inside a gumball machine after he didn't get his gum he paid for. A woman can't breathe due to a very small girdle she is wearing. A sniper has shot a man on a scaffold, which causes the station to devise a way to get Johnny and Roy up there safely. A call finds a home which has fuel oil coming through the water pipes.

  • Saddled
    Episode 6

    Dixie is injured when a portable x-ray machine runs over her toe, thus brings her teasing to Drs. Brackett and Early. Johnny believes he can make extra money by working in a rodeo in his spare time. A girl receives a face full of glass after a soda bottle explodes. A call finds a child is injured after falling from a tree. The full crew is called to a accident involving a school bus which has driven over an embankment full of children and the driver, a nun.

  • Fuzz Lady
    Episode 7

    Dixie finds out that several items are disappearing from Rampart, esp. Johnny's jacket, and Johnny has fallen for a police woman who helped catch a mugger. Dixie, Johnny and Roy, were all responsible for Dr. Morton's cocky attitude, as Dr. Brackett has a conversation with Dr. Morton, regarding this. Roy and Johnny arrive at a fire where an elderly blind man is trapped in his room. A grandfather and his grandson receive minor injuries after an explosion of a model rocket. A man is injured while stealing a boat after the crane on a drilling platform he was using in the theft traps him. The station mascot Boot returns to the base.

  • Trainee
    Episode 8

    A new paramedic trainee who was a former Vietnam medic, who has trouble accepting orders from Johnny and Roy. Dixie also confronts Johnny's and Roy's trainee, about competing with real doctors and nurses, as well as the hotshot paramedics. While on a run, the trainee runs after a purse snatcher. Other runs include a man who had fallen down the side of a cliff, a woman who OD'ed on prescription pills and help a man who was having an insulin reaction.

  • Women
    Episode 9

    A pretty female newspaper reporter is convinced that the fire department caters to male chauvinism. Dixie recognizes a lot of the rude personality from Johnny, from the reporter. The squad gives the reporter a ride along where they help a man who is trapped in his car with live power lines across the hood. Later, a run finds an embarrassed man trapped naked in a folded up sofa bed, then a bombed building has two victims trapped inside. A man is found with his hand caught in a garbage disposal. Meanwhile at Rampart, Drs. Early and Brackett work on a young boy who has eaten poison hemlock. Dr. Brackett vehemently fires a nurse, who fails to follow instructions, who brought it on to Dixie, hearing "mistakes that kill people," which led her into calming Kel down.

  • Dinner Date
    Episode 10

    Johnny is set up for a date by Roy's wife, Joanne. A woman goes into an epileptic seizure after hitting a boy on a bicycle with her car. A man takes a bullet from his father-in-law. A young girl's arm is trapped inside a drain at the bottom of a draining pool, leading Dixie, Dr. Early, Johnny and Roy, to discover this An obese man is suffering from chest pains. Rampart sees its share of drug related cases including a man who has tetanus, a woman who has gangrene, and a teen girl who has ingested pills laced with sodium hydroxide.

  • Musical Mania
    Episode 11

    A joke from Chet has Johnny determined to learn to play an instrument. A father refuses to have his son treated for lead poisoning believing it would be an act of charity, both Dixie and Dr. Early talk to him. Meanwhile, a gardener is stricken with tetanus, a girl is found unconscious due to drug intake, an ice cream truck driver is trapped by live power lines, a man is caught inside a crashed glider, and a man is trapped under his own house which has slipped off the jacks.

  • Helpful
    Episode 12

    John wants to help Roy and Joanne, when he makes the situation worse. A tired young doctor makes mistakes in her diagnosis and with judgment, which causes Dixie greater concerns. Dr. Varner later catches an atrial myxoma that Drs. Early and Brackett miss, but Dixie finds her asleep in the car, who also looks for reasons of Dr. Varner's behavior. The station responds to a call when a man drives off the side of an on ramp. A dog on a roof causes a man to fall off a ladder and into a rose bush. The station is called to rescue two young boys who are lost in a storm drain during a rain burst.

  • Drivers
    Episode 13
    John gets bugged by other people's bad driving habits. A college quarterback experiences back pain. Roy and John's former paramedic instructor dies, while Roy and John themselves teach a CPR class. A boy gets stuck inside a tree. A structure fire at a hotel is complicated by a cardiac victim on the third floor.moreless
  • School Days
    Episode 14

    Johnny and Roy are working with a new trainee, Billy, who has a big confidence problem. An elderly professor is injured when a bookshelf falls on top of him. Roy is involved in a accident while inside the ambulance delivering a patient to the hospital. A man says to Dixie that the boy's mother was separating, and she asks them to find his mother, before talking to her. A young boy is injured when his science experiment explodes. A man is trapped inside a car in the auto salvage yard, causing a dangerous extrication.

  • The Professor
    Episode 15

    A man acting schizophrenic arrives at Rampart being escorted by the secret service who won't reveal any information about the patient to Dr. Brackett, while the professor's wife talks to Dixie, whose husband was brought over to the hospital, for a physical examination. The station is called out to rescue a despondent young man who is threatening to jump off a building under construction. The guys take a boat ride to a remote island to rescue a man who's light plane crashed there. Johnny accuses Roy of having no charisma after a woman shows him some attention, this also leads Johnny into saying the exact same thing to Dixie and Dr. Early.

  • Syndrome
    Episode 16
    John tries to convince Roy he has tonsillitis. An old flame of Dixie's, who is now a famous actor, is admitted to Rampart. Two kids are trapped on top of a gas tank; a girl's college lacrosse game turns violent; Boot has surgery to remove a tick; Dr. Early deals with a hypochondriac. Chet is injured during a rescue and is roomed with Roy, who has had his tonsils removed.moreless
  • Honest
    Episode 17

    A gas explosion injures a newlywed couple, because the wife had lied to the husband about his cigars, and this leads Johnny on a crusade to be honest in any situation. A boy is brought into Rampart choking to death for no apparent reason; Dr. Morton's brutal honesty about the situation sends the boy's mother into hysterics, which leads Dixie and Johnny into calming her; a boy is critically injured diving off a roof; Johnny and Roy rescue a family of three from a burning house; and Dixie and Dr. Early treat a man who might be having a heart attack because his father had died from one at the same age. Chet lies to Johnny about a woman that keeps calling for him.

  • Seance
    Episode 18

    A woman is convinced her dead sister's spirit wants to come back and harm her husband. A teenage kid is brought into Rampart having overdosed on tranquilizers, who gets treated by Dixie and Dr. Brackett. The station is called out to rescue an injured man who is trapped in a warehouse. Johnny and Roy are called to rescue a man trapped in his car underwater.

  • Boot
    Episode 19

    Between Station 51 and Rampart, nobody can understand why 51's Mascot, Boot the dog, refuses to eat anything. With Chet yelling at the dog, Dixie, Drs. Brackett and Morton received the temperature. John and Roy approach a woman who got her hair caught in a mixer, where her hand was trapped in a bowl, then, her stove catches on fire prior to making dinner. Then, a woman trapped in her sportscar pinned underneath a gasoline trailer tanker truck; and an explosion at a Rampart Hospital lab endangers the workers and important records stored there. The doctors treat an unconscious man suffering from internal bleeding caused by taking aspirin with Coumadin-brand warfarin and a man, who is convinced that he is suffering from a curse.

  • Rip-Off
    Episode 20

    A heart attack victim claims Roy and Johnny stole money from his wallet during his rescue. the station is called out to rescue a pilot and his copilot who are trapped in a plane which is omitting liquid oxygen. A car accident finds a pregnant woman and her husband trapped inside.

  • Audit
    Episode 21

    Johnny is upset when he finds out the IRS is planning to audit him. A con man shows up at Rampart as a patient. When his room was empty, Dr. Brackett admittingly tells Dixie, that he didn't move him. A pregnant woman with a heart defect is being treated by Dixie and Dr. Brackett. A child is locked in a car, alone in a parking lot. An injured construction worker begs Roy to amputate his leg before they are all killed by the collapsing building.