Emergency! - Season 3

NBC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • Inventions
    Episode 22

    The boys at the fire station enter a contest to invent new and improved firefighting tools. A man in a coma suffering from a mysterious ailment, hence, Dr. Early receives the booze from Johnny, to give to Dixie. Cases include an overweight child wedged in a living room ceiling, victims of radiation poisoning, and a leak at a chemical plant.

  • Propinquity
    Episode 21
    Roy spends the night at John's place while his house is being fumigated, which is one night too many. A woman is trapped inside a car while it burns around her; the ambulance carrying Roy and the victim is hit by a car. A man having a heart attack refuses to leave a poker game unless John agrees to play out the man's hand. An explosion at an abandoned refinery injures several workers.moreless
  • Floor Brigade
    Floor Brigade
    Episode 20
    John and Roy think about going into the floor cleaning business on the side. A hermit is trapped in his cave home. Dr. Morton treats a famous singer. John is injured on a high rescue, and the station battles a chemical warehouse fire.
  • The Hard Hours
    The Hard Hours
    Episode 19

    Dr. Brackett has to tend to one of his own colleagues as Dr. Early is diagnosed with a heart condition and undergoes a bypass, after fixing Station 51's truck. Dixie becomes more concerned about her colleague's operation, after Roy and Johnny exchange words with her. A professional football player is hit hard by his son and suffers a broken ankle, much to his embarrassment. The firefighters rescue a boy trapped in his homemade rocket, a woman whose toe is stuck in a bathtub faucet, and a worker electrocuted when the basket in which he is working slips onto live wires. Dr. Early's operation is a success, therefore, John and Roy gave their mentor a thermos of DeSoto's favorite, clam chowder soup

  • How Green Was My Thumb?

    Dr. Brackett and the paramedics are forced to perform emergency surgery on a man with an unexploded grenade in his abdomen. Roy and Johnny rescue a man whose partial dental plate was stuck in his trachea. In other cases, Roy takes care of a young girl's plants while she's hospitalized and a religious couple refuses to allow their daughter to receive necessary medical treatment, therefore Dixie calls the hospital chaplain.

  • Fools
    Episode 17
    A man is injured when his chimney explodes. A brash young intern at Rampart thinks he knows more than the paramedics and makes a near-fatal diagnosis of a heart patient; Dr. Brackett send him on a ride-along with Squad 51. A girl gets her hand stuck in a mailbox. Johnny and Roy must rescue a heart attack victim trapped on an oil refinery tower — in the midst of an explosive structure fire.moreless
  • Messin' Around
    Messin' Around
    Episode 16
    Chet starts a series of practical jokes against John, who eventually retaliates. A child is trapped in a tree house — and the tree is on fire; the girl’s mother later shows a romantic interest in Johnny. A retiree pretends to be ill so he can amuse the children in the emergency department. A woman feeds her sick husband Dieffenbachia sap to keep him quiet. At a trash fire, a gas station worker shows signs of a perforated ulcer. Responding to a call of a man down, the paramedics find Old Bill collapsed in his home. A young boy swallows ant poison. The firemen extricate three workers from a bulldozer accident.moreless
  • Inferno
    Episode 15
    John and Roy are disappointed when they are the only squad not called to a major brushfire. Dixie gets her hand caught in a vending machine. A lawyer collapses in the courtroom with an apparent heart attack. Roy and John finally make it to the brushfire and become trapped while rescuing another firefighter.moreless
  • Computer Error
    Computer Error
    Episode 14
    John tries to get a credit card mistake corrected. A young couple is rescued from a car wreck; the boy has a spinal cord injury and Dr. Early suspects the girl is pregnant. Roy and John rescue a woman trapped at the bottom of a well and an amateur magician from a safe. A rescue at a junkyard fire turns hazardous when phosphorus materials explode.moreless
  • Understanding
    Episode 13

    Chet's learning how to play Johnny's guitar, so Johnny bestows it to him. Dixie gives a man a strict lecture about forgetting his insulin shots. When a woman calls the hospital threatening suicide, Dixie and Dr. Brackett keep her talking, while Johnny and Roy track her down. During a bank robbery, the paramedics are forced to treat a hostage with heart problems at gunpoint.

  • Body Language
    Body Language
    Episode 12
    A crop-duster makes a rough landing in a field; the pilot suffers a punctured lung, and a bystander is poisoned with pesticide. A young boy with a broken leg wants to use crutches instead of a walker. A patient reports to Rampart with an ear infection caused by mothballs. A couple overdoses on daffodil bulbs. A weekend cowboy refuses treatment after falling from his horse. Two victims of a traffic accident get friendly. John's current girlfriend thinks he has proposed to her. The lead singer of a rock band goes into cardiac arrest.moreless
  • The Promise
    The Promise
    Episode 11
    Responding to a vehicle fire, the firemen discover a catatonic mechanic; at Rampart the doctors are mystified by his condition. Roy lectures a woman who keeps calling the paramedics because she is lonely. A woman mixes ammonia with bleach and inhales poisonous gas. The woman who owns the dog John took care of in 'Mascot' [episode 1.1] returns and presents John with a pup. An elderly couple is trapped in their house by a bunch of tumbleweeds. A friend of the catatonic patient gives him an injection, causing him to jump out of a window onto a sixth story ledge.moreless
  • Zero
    Episode 10
    A woman screams for therapeutic reasons. When the paramedics are interviewed on a TV program. Johnny freezes in front of the camera and Roy must bail him out. A young boy attempts suicide by leaping off an apartment ledge at the hospital, the doctors suspect he may be an abused child. The paramedics rescue a man trapped in a doughnut machine and a child from a structure fire.moreless
  • Inheritance Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Episode 9
    A child is trapped in a car under downed power lines. A stockbroker with heart problems is reluctant to be treated. An eldely woman that Roy and John treated the previous year dies and remembers them in her will. Dr. Early administers first aid to two young boys. A teenager loses a hamburger eating contest. The Paramedics treat a burn victim at an explosive structure fire.moreless
  • Insomnia
    Episode 8

    John finds himself unable to sleep. Cases include a boat explosion, an injured motorist who swerved to avoid a dog, where in the hospital, Dixie, Drs. Brackett and Early treat a boy suffering from a skull fracture, and a worker pinned in a loading dock by a semi truck.

  • The Promotion
    The Promotion
    Episode 7
    Roy passes the Engineer's test, but accepting the promotion will mean leaving the paramedics. A bad fog leads to a multi-car accident on the San Diego Freeway. A young crash victim has a heart murmur. The paramedics have difficulty responding to an attempted suicide. At a structure fire, Johnny is injured and Roy must rescue both him and a security guard.moreless
  • Snakebite
    Episode 6

    On their way home from a fishing trip, John and Roy come to the aid of car accident victims. At Rampart, Dixie bestows the patient's cases to the assistance nurse, suffering from heart problems, with Dr. Early, from Squad 45. Later, John gets bitten by a rattlesnake, and is taken to Rampart, himself.

  • Heavyweight
    Episode 5
    At a structure fire, the paramedics rescue a pregnant woman and Johnny injures his shoulder. After going into labor, the guilt-ridden mother is determined to abandon her deformed baby. Dr. Morton treats Johnny and gives him a bad time about his physical condition, sending Johnny on a fitness kick. Dr. Early treats an electrocuted child whose mother is on drugs. The son of a stabbing victim is more determined to shoot the assailant than get his father to the hospital. Roy and Johnny rescue a hanglider pilot trapped in a tree.moreless
  • An English Visitor
    An English Visitor
    Episode 4

    A British paramedic arrives in Los Angeles to observe the squad's routine and ends up saving John's life. At the hospital, Drs. Brackett and Morton treat a rock singer in a diabetic coma and Dixie confronts a headstrong nurse who clashes with Dr. Early.

  • Alley Cat
    Alley Cat
    Episode 3
    A stray cat decides to have her kittens on Johns bed at the station. A family is trapped in a down airplane. An old man gets his foot caught in a bear trap. A stage actress suffers an anxiety attack. A school develops a gas leak. Roy and John rescue the victim of a boating accident.moreless
  • The Old Engine
    The Old Engine
    Episode 2

    John and Roy buy an old fire engine just as the squad itself gets a new one. Dr. Brackett and Dixie treat a man suffering from a gunshot wound, who wants to walk out of the hospital immediately after surgery. Cases include a woman overdosing on acid, a politico suffering a heart attack, and a warehouse fire.

  • Frequency
    Episode 1

    The squad has to share a biophone with other units which leads to problems when a policeman friend of John's gets injured in a car crash. Other cases include a drunk child, a motorcycle gang war, whom John and Roy treat in the hospital, with the help of Dr. Brackett and Dixie, and an artist trapped in his own sculpture.