Emergency! - Season 5

NBC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • The Great Crash Diet
    Conducting a fire inspection, Roy and John rescue a diver in a fish tank. A birthday boy eats raw dough and gets a stomachache. An experiment in firefighter nutrition becomes an obsession for Chet. A woman goes into labor while her mother experiences chest pains. Capt. Stanley is severely injured when he gets an electric shock from a fallen power line.moreless
  • Involvement
    Episode 17
    Rampart's former emergency department head nurse tries to commit suicide; she is brought to Rampart, where she befriends a paraplegic child who almost drowned in a swimming pool. Also: a woman wrapped in plastic, a family suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and a man pinned under a tank truck containing volatile fuel.moreless
  • Above and Beyond ... Nearly
    Roy and John receive commendations for bravery, but they can't remember the incident. A 94-year old man breaks his ankle while dancing. Dr. Brackett treats a man who passed out in a dentist’s chair. An injured mountaineer is stranded on a cliff.
  • The Nuisance
    The Nuisance
    Episode 22
    John becomes the victim of a hit & run. While hospitalized, he flirts with his physical therapist and deals with nurse who seems to have it in for him. The rest of the station must adjust to a difficult replacement.
  • The Tycoons
    The Tycoons
    Episode 21

    John sees a run-down hot dog stand as a great investment opportunity that the entire station can get in on. A rubbish fire nearly turns into an embarrassing incident. A nail thrown by a lawn mower lodges in a man's heart. A burglar with a bullet in his leg resists treatment. An infant has breathing difficulty. A ruptured gas line causes a fire to break out on the roof of an industrial complex.

  • Grateful
    Episode 19
    After a couple is rescued from under a car, they hang about the stationhouse, helping out. An elderly man tries to perform CPR on his friend, but does more harm than good. A child is struck in the eye with a BB gun. While returning from a false alarm on Copter 10, Roy and John rescue the victims of a boat fire.moreless
  • The Stewardess
    The Stewardess
    Episode 1
    John falls for a stewardess and shows his stuff when a passenger has a heart attack; later, he tries to date her. The firefighters respond to a motorcycle accident and a chemical fire.
  • Tee Vee
    Tee Vee
    Episode 11
    The paramedics rescue a man from a manhole fire. Chet and John blow up the station's TV. Dr. Morton treats a man with a bleeding peptic ulcer. An aquarium is delivered to Dr. Brackett, who suffers a toxic reaction to a catfish bite. A man accidentally glues his eyes shut. A gas explosion and a mudslide trap a man in his house.moreless
  • The Indirect Method
    A hard-nosed female trainee is assigned to Roy and John. Freeway construction threatens an old couple's house. A man tries to commit suicide by gas, then changes his mind. A man suffers a heart attack and the paramedics are unable to revive him. Roy is electrocuted trying to save an invalid at a structure fire.moreless
  • Equipment
    Episode 4
    John overtimes at Station 8 where an unavailable squad costs a heart attack victim his life. A boy falls from a tree. Chet is injured by an explosion. Doctors treat a tree surgeon. Roy is injured in a fireworks warehouse fire.
  • The Lighter-Than-Air Man
    En route to a rescue, Roy and John supposedly sideswipe an elderly crossing guard. A couple en route to a wedding hits a fire hydrant. A camper on fire drives up to the stationhouse. A truck carrying insecticide overturns.
  • Communications
    Episode 13
    A young worker gets his arm caught in a machine. A communication snafu occurs between Squad 51 and the hospital. Dr. Morton treats a young violinist. Two boys get a car trapped on the roof of a house. A woman tries to commit suicide by overdosing and won't let the paramedics treat her, making them wait until she passes out. Chet sets a pair of skis on fire -- literally. A man is trapped underneath a car.moreless
  • The Old Engine Cram
    A fireman is injured in a practice drill. Roy and John think they have a buyer for the old fire engine. A man suffers a back injury while riding a motorcycle. A mother pressures Dr. Morton to give her son a prescription. A man having a heart attack comes to the station. DeSoto and Gage rescue a man who has fallen off a cliff on Catalina Island.moreless
  • Simple Adjustment
    Simple Adjustment
    Episode 10
    Swamped with paperwork, the paramedics are continually distracted by emergencies: a girl trapped in an overturned car, a beautician who has taken too many diet pills, an elderly man, and workers stuck on a blazing ship.
  • To Buy or Not To Buy
    Roy thinks about buying a house, but delays too long. Responding to a structure fire, the firemen find two children trapped on the second floor. Two driving students are involved in a minor collision. Another traffic accident results in two injuries and a missing dog. A teenage epileptic is stranded on a concrete beam under a bridge.moreless
  • One of Those Days
    One of Those Days
    Episode 8
    An elderly woman's stomach problems lead to a family brawl. Roy and John treat a drunk in a hotel with a broken elevator. Doctors treat a boy with meningitis. Paramedics respond to a two-car accident with no victims, treat a man who fell in the bathtub, and rescue a child trapped in a burning building.moreless
  • Right at Home
    Right at Home
    Episode 15
    Dr. Brackett rides along with a fire department helicopter crew. A boy causes trouble for the paramedics when he and his father are rescued after their camper has overturned in a canyon. Dr. Early treats a boy with spinal meningitis. The firemen rescue a man from a structure fire.
  • On Camera
    On Camera
    Episode 12
    A camera crew follows Squad 51 while a teenager is bitten by a snake, a would-be stuntman dangles from an I-beam, a boy falls off a cliff and a man is trapped under a burning fuel truck.
  • The Girl on the Balance Beam
    A Young 14 year-old girl (Cohoon) is in a big rush to go to an upcoming olympic gymnastic games when she suffered an injury during a bad fall off the balance beam, The Station responds to a possible woman trapped on a wire at a movie studio, they also respond to a vehicle accident, and a train carrying ammona complicates a terrible fire at a railroad yard!moreless
  • Pressure 165
    Pressure 165
    Episode 7
    John gets ribbed about his cooking. The paramedics go to Catalina to help a diver, where John and a doctor treat the patient in a hyperbaric chamber. Roy and John help a famous chef with a kitchen fire. A youth suffers a serious gunshot wound. The firemen deal with a dust explosion at a structure fire.moreless
  • The Inspection
    The Inspection
    Episode 5
    The station becomes aware of the Battalion Chief's impending inspection. A wife is convinced that her husband's heart transplant means he no longer loves her. Paramedics aid a parachutist snagged on a radio tower. Dr. Brackett treats a veterinarian. An accident victim goes into shock.
  • Election
    Episode 3
    Roy and John become candidates for a welfare committee. A man gets his arm stuck in an appliance drain while his brother aspirates on a can tab. A delirious child causes problems at the hospital. A sculptress’ model is stuck inside a plaster cast. A construction worker is trapped on a crane.moreless