Emergency! - Season 6

NBC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • The Game
    The Game
    Episode 1
    Roy and John are assigned to work the big football game at the Coliseum. A woman accidentally pulls her husband off the roof into a tree. At the game, the paramedics treat a choking victim, a man with breathing difficulties, an injured photographer, and a TV announcer with heart trouble.
  • Not Available
    Not Available
    Episode 2
    The paramedics complain when a rule forbidding squads to cross each other's territories causes them to come late to an accident scene. An elderly woman is treated at the hospital. While transporting a non-vital patient, the paramedics respond to an auto accident. A prisoner breaks out of jail and gets trapped on a ledge.moreless
  • The Unlikely Heirs
    The Unlikely Heirs
    Episode 3

    Chet and Firefighter Marco Lopez find $80,000 in a transient's mattress after rescuing him from a fire, who later tries to give the firemen a reward. A bride faints while walking down the aisle after suffering from Labyrinthitis, which postpones a honeymoon to Africa. But Dixie proposes they marry in the hospital. Later, Dixie administers a tetanus shot to a young boy. The firefighters help an elderly woman find her lost cat, then assist victims when a plane crashes into a warehouse.

  • That Time of Year
    That Time of Year
    Episode 4
    Everyone gives Roy advice on where to go on vacation. Roy gets dizzy during a fire at a singles club. An instructor is injured during a self-defense class. A man with stomach pains is brought into Rampart. The firemen rescue two hang glider pilots from the face of a cliff.
  • Fair Fight
    Fair Fight
    Episode 5
    The crew finds a droopy-eyed hound dog in the station; at an industrial fire, Gage and DeSoto check a secret room for victims; a "therapeutic" argument between a husband and wife keeps getting out of hand; while attempting to rescue two injured workers, Johnny is trapped in a tunnel cave-in.
  • Rules of Order
    Rules of Order
    Episode 6
    A driver crashes into a pole, injuring two workers. John and Roy are asked to be on a paramedic advisory committee, but they have to put up with everyone's favorite paramedic — Brice. The firemen rescue a stunt climber from the side of a building.
  • The Exam
    The Exam
    Episode 7

    Roy and John are concerned about their paramedic re-certification exam; Dixie asks Dr. Brackett to put together the exam at least part of the way. Molly, a fireman's widow, calls for help for her daughter, Jeanine, who got her head stuck in a table, and John is concerned about her calling them for minor things, until Jeanine has a really bad fall. An accident on a movie set turns deadly.

  • Captain Hook
    Captain Hook
    Episode 8
    The firemen plan to celebrate the imminent retirement of a martinet captain with a party, under the guise of throwing a farewell dinner. A model in a bear suit suffers from heat stroke during a promotion stunt. A bizarre family believes their sleeping mother is dead. The firemen rescue CHP officers from a helicopter.moreless
  • Computer Terror
    Computer Terror
    Episode 9
    The computer fouls up and Gage gets a check for thousands instead of for hundreds. A transient is injured in a car at a junkyard. A victim’s dog causes problems. Two workers are trapped on a scaffold.
  • Welcome to Santa Rosa County
    Roy and John try to go fishing in Santa Rosa County, but are delayed when they rescue climbers from a cliff face and a fishing boat blows up. They help the sheriff come up with ideas for implementing emergency medical services in his county.
  • Paperwork
    Episode 11
    Chet and Marco are drafted to sort out a filing dilemma caused by computer error. A kid falls in a storm drain and nearly drowns. The paramedics experience problems with a new supply nurse. A janitor drinks samples of an archeologists' Mesopotamian wine. The firemen respond to a warehouse fire.
  • Loose Ends
    Loose Ends
    Episode 12
    Johnny tries to win a ticket-selling contest. Dr. Backett blames himself when he is involved in a car accident that leaves the other driver dead and The driver's daughter refuses to speak. While repairing the squad, the paramedics find themselves in the middle of a shootout and treat a policeman with heart trouble. A boxcar full of ammonia complicates a fire on a pier.moreless
  • An Ounce of Prevention

    The firefighters assist a man with chest pains, and a young man who gets trapped trying to help him, while stuck on a ferris wheel. Roy and John are scheduled to appear on TV to discuss fire prevention, then help a child who swallowed parathion, and Dr. Brackett speaks with both parents about how their son got into the illegal pesticide, while Dixie treats a woman. During their TV appearance, Roy and John become first responders to a real-life emergency when a stagehand suffers an electric shock from a live wire.

  • Insanity Epidemic
    Insanity Epidemic
    Episode 14
    Captain Stanley freaks out when he learns one of his past captains is now his Battalion Chief, causing the others to worry about their his increased paranoia. Two men’s carelessness starts a fire at a gas station. A new hospital administrator causes problems. A woman accidentally shoots her husband with a nail gun. Two clowns start a fight at an ice rink. A car leaves an overpass and crashes into a transfer truck filled with pesticides.moreless
  • Breakdown
    Episode 15
    A sporadic electrical short plagues the squad but Roy and John are convinced they can fix it. A back-to-nature couple is ordered to cut back on their shrubbery; the wife is discovered to have a variant of anthrax. The paramedics rescue a man trapped at the top of a tower.
  • Family Ties
    Family Ties
    Episode 16
    Roy's mother-in-law is scheduled for her annual visit. A car runs into the back of a truck. Drs. Brackett and Early argue over attending a convention in Acapulco. An elderly man becomes ill from drinking a quack’s remedy. When a fire breaks out in a hospital room, the occupant goes into cardiac arrest. A boy’s model rocket sparks a house fire.moreless
  • Bottom Line
    Bottom Line
    Episode 17
    Paramedics out in the field begin to question the judgment of overcautious Dr. Morton who believes in acting strictly by the book. The firemen respond to a complaint of severe back pain. A man with phosphorous burns on his arm and a boy hit in the head with a baseball are treated at the hospital. While the firemen respond to a case of difficult breathing, the victim’s neighbor drowns in a hot tub. Vince is involved in a traffic accident and goes crazy due to a head injury, pulling his gun on Johnny.moreless
  • Firehouse Quintet
    Firehouse Quintet
    Episode 18
    The Station 51 basketball team qualifies for the semi-finals. The paramedics rescue victims at a gas explosion. While at basketball practice, the firemen treat an injured gymnast. The night before the big game the firemen get very little sleep: they respond to a number of emergencies, including a workman trapped at a studio.moreless
  • The Boat
    The Boat
    Episode 19
    Charlie, the station mechanic, stores the boat he wants to sell at the station house, where the firemen decide that they want to chip in and buy it. The paramedics rescue two boaters from Catalina Island. A bookie has a heart attack. An explosion in a lab starts a fire at the hospital.moreless
  • Isolation
    Episode 20
    Roy and John are trapped at Station 86 when a rain storm washes out the bridge, and they become the only medical treatment in the area. They assist two victims of an auto accident and a child with bronchitis. Doctors at the hospital treat a policeman hit by lightning. With the aid of a female psychiatrist, the paramedics treat an elderly woman with a hip injury and a man with heart trouble. Copter 15 transports the victims to the hospital, where a power failure complicates matters. Dr. Morton accompanies the paramedics back to Station 86, where they respond to an auto accident with multiple injuries.moreless
  • Limelight
    Episode 21

    A man with a history of heart trouble becomes agitated when his daughter is trapped under a backhoe. A boy shoots himself with a pellet gun. Paramedic Brice appears on the news and in the paper, making John jealous. Unruly children cause their babysitter to have an anxiety attack. Brice becomes trapped during a structure fire.

  • Upward and Onward
    Upward and Onward
    Episode 22
    Capt. Stanley worries that the Chief will sabotage his attempt to pass the Chief's exam because of an incident in their past; a soap opera doctor with mono causes havoc on the set and in the hospital; John, Roy, and a retired doctor with a self-diagnosed heart aneurysm get stuck in an elevator.moreless
  • Hypochondri-Cap
    Episode 23
    Capt. Stanley convinces himself he has arthritis. A man gets his hand caught in his garage door opener; a woman passes out and has an auto accident; the doctors treat a woman infected from plastic surgery gone awry; Johnny tests a new type of rope; the station responds to a two-alarm fire at an oil refinery.moreless
  • All Night Long
    All Night Long
    Episode 24

    While on a night shift, Johnny becomes obsessed with developing an idea for a new television game show. An elderly musician experiences heart trouble. When a car runs a stop sign, three injuries result. A tightrope walker gets stuck between two buildings.

  • The Convention Part I