Season 7 Episode 2

Survival on Charter #220

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 1978 on NBC

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  • An interesting episode, but has a slow start. Very little story telling with John Gage and Roy DeSoto in the picture though.

    An impending accident sets the tone for the episode, which is followed by introducing several of the differing aspects of the accident.

    By showing the two planes that will inevitably collide mid-air, wrecking the two crafts in a neighborhood where Johnny and Roy are already responding to a call was a unorthodox way to get the story started. Plus, showing Station 51's alternate shift Paramedics was new, but since the planes crashed in their neighborhood, it was a good way to introduce them.

    Meanwhile, the emergency that Johnny and Roy were responding to, which involves the head injury of the daughter of a deceased fireman, was complicated by the plane crash, trapping to two inside the house with the unconscious girl and her mother.

    One of the other paramedics is very friendly with the mother and her children, he and his partner find a way to free them while Batallion 14 and many other stations respond to the fires. After freeing the trapped victims, the two new paramedics take the unconscious girl to Rampart while Johnny and Roy clean themselves up.

    The rest of the episode revolves around the other stations and victims of the plane crashes. In the end, the little girl is fine and her mother decides to be with one of the paramedics that helped save her.