Season 5 Episode 9

The Lighter-Than-Air Man

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1975 on NBC



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    • When they're at the scene of the bride and groom, where all the water is comming out of the hydrant, when Marco got the water shut off and Chet opens the car door and all the water comes out. This is the mistake of the writers when Cap says, " Well, let the DWP guys come out and fix this" here's where the writers are wrong. It's NOT the DWP. It's the DPW and it stands for The Department of Public Works.

    • Detective Crockett is at Station 51 and tells Johnny and Roy that the old man was hit by the squad at approximately 10:45AM, and that school children were witnesses. What were these kids doing on a street corner at that time of the morning (all the kids were older than kindergartners)? While Crockett is at the station, Station 51 gets sent to the scene of a car accident, where the couple involved are going to a wedding in which "half the town" is attending. Does this mean that the children are going to school on Saturday, or is this huge wedding on a weekday?

    • In reality, Johnny and Roy would not have been allowed to see the man they allegedly hit with the squad while the investigation was on-going.

    • Chet: The Trundle Bunny Baby Layette?! I've been licking stamps for three months for a bunch of diapers?
      Chet Kelly is understandibly mad at Jonny for trading in the station's eight books of Green Stamps for a baby gift instead of the expected barbeque grill. "Green Stamps" were a promotional program created by S&H (Speery & Hutchinson) where retailers would purchase trading stamps to give out to their customers with every store purchase. The more customers visited a store and collected stamps, the greater gifts they could trade the stamps in for with S&H. You could trade in stamps for pretty much anything that you could negotiate with S&H. The promotion has gone virtual now with Greenspots.com, but the company will still take any old stamp books you have laying around.

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