Season 5 Episode 22

The Nuisance

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • James G. Richardson is credited as a special guest star, due to the fact he starred in the short-lived Mark VII series, "Sierra", which aired during the Fall of 1974.

    • This time during the surgery, you actually see blood on gloves and sponges. They did not always show the characters getting victim's blood on them.

    • BLOOPER: Dr. Early calls Mike Morton Frank in the ER treatment room as they work on Johnny. Had to be a script error or a slip of the tongue.

    • Blooper: In the treatment room, Roy is clearly not wearing a watch. When he goes out to talk to Chet, he has a watch on. When he goes back into the treatment room, once again there is no watch.

    • Blooper: Dr. Early said, "Look we both know what kind of paramedic he (Johnny) is, now let's see what kind of patient he is."

      Johnny was a patient at Rampart from the "monkey virus" and from a rattlesnake bite. So they already know what type of patient he is.

    • A nurse would not be allowed to constantly kick the Physical Therapist out when she is working with a patient like the grumpy nurse did.

    • Craig Brice--Character analysis..Brice is an extreme OCD type person. The only way to do things is his way. His rigid thinking and desire for things in specific order and things done specific ways are traits in the autism spectrum disorder.

    • Gretchen Corbett, the actress who plays Johnny's physical therapist, previously appeared in the first episode of this season as the stewardess he fell in love with.

    • In a blooper set, Randolph actually falls backwards in the wheelchair when he's doing the wheelie in Roy and Marco's room.

  • Quotes

    • Captain Stanley: (to Roy) How are you and Brice getting along?

      Roy: Fine,fine, we're getting along just fine.

      Captain Stanley: I thought for a while there, there might be a little personality problem.

      Roy: Oh no, no I can work with just about anybody. I can get along with just about anybody.

      Captain Stanley: Glad to hear that.

      Roy: I just might have to bust him in the mouth to do it.

      Captain Stanley: *stiffled laughter*

    • Johnny: I'm trying to think of something funny but it hurts too much.

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