Season 1 Episode 0

The Wedsworth-Townsend Act

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1972 on NBC

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  • In this pilot for the series, many people work together to get the Wedsworth-Townsend Act passed. Great introduction to the characters. Lots of action and excitement.

    This is one of the best pilots I have ever seen. It has action, adventure, character depth, a little comedy, and a good steady plot.

    Action and adventure wise, the rescues are exciting. The best two are the accident where Dixie gets hurt and the cave in. These scenes were very realistic with the exception of the floating rocks in the cave in. Clearly they were made of some sort of foam. There is quite a bit of character development in this pilot. We see John Gage going from only wanting to be a rescue man to signing up for the training, telling Brackett "To hell with the orders", to stopping Roy from treating a man in the cave in because doing so might jepordize the bill's passage. Roy is a graduate of the first paramedic class. He helped train Johnny's class. He calls Johnny Junior at one point in the pilot. He is older than Johnny, and a war veteran. He is an encourger.

    Dixie works in the ER as a nurse. She handles the nursing part of ER. She is a Korean war veteran. She is very much in favor of the paramedic program. She is in a relationship with Kel Brackett, Rampart's chief of Emergency services. They clash over the paramedic program. **Sidebar** Too bad they did not do anything with that relationship in the series.

    Dr. Kel Brackett, as previsously mentioned,is Rampart's Chief of Emergency services. He is not at all in favor of the paramedic program...that is until Johnny ignores his orders and saves Dixie's life. He realizes that immediate on scene care is important, and that there are not enough doctors to do it alone. His speech to the committee about the bill helps it pass. His confidence in Roy and Johnny is shown when the lies, telling the the bill has already passed and has them treat a heart attack victim at the cave in rescue.

    Dr. Joe Early has a small role in the pilot. We do know he has his own practice. He donates time to Rampart's ER. He can also play the piano and sing.

    All in all this was an excellent pilot. It set the background for the series very well.