Season 1 Episode 0

The Wedsworth-Townsend Act

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1972 on NBC

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  • The First Act of Rampart 51

    I have been a fan of the "Perry Mason crew" and Jack Webb and Dragnet, Adam-12 and Emergency! since are all a large part of why I became a lawyer. I did not remember seeing the Emergency! pilot (I think I was nine at the time), so I watched this episode the other day. This one-hour episode thoroughly cemented the major personalities and their attitudes; also, the episode explained various aspects about the series a casual viewer may not grasp from the tenor of later episodes. The viewer is introduced to a version of the "Hawkeye Pierce" physician and "Margaret Houlihan" nurse prototypes that neither stretches credulity (or the gag reflex) of the viewer. One believes and empathizes with the skilled, ethical emergency physician, partnered by his competent, yet independent, nurse, who is, herself, a veteran of the Korean War "triage" theatre. One understands the genesis of the emergency hospital system on display in the series (where many providers donated their time and talent and where registered nurses traveled on the road with firefighters who were not trained to render medical attention to the victims). And, the viewer sees how Rampart 51 got its start... and how several, but few, firefighters became firefighter paramedics. This show, miraculously, is a solid hit with our generation of America; I say this is "miraculous" because the show depicts REAL LIFE type of medicine and law I have seen throughout my life and not the HollyJollywood soft-pedal fantasy that, obviously, a few other viewers prefer. No one is texting, singing, voting or trying to keep up with another back in good, ole this show still has the power to amaze 2013 audiences.