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  • Season 1 Episode 11: Crash

  • Implausibility--Realistically, two people robbing a house probably would not be wearing a dress, heels, and a suit.

  • Student Nurse Sharon Walters was a pom pom girl for Washington Junior High.

  • Ronnie Troup: Daughter of Bobby Troup

  • Goof: Gage and DeSoto respond to the call where the guy who robbed the house had a heart attack. Note that the Squad is different. It is an earlier Dodge (prior to 1970), probably belonging to Squad 209, Squad 18, or Squad 59. It can't be 36, because the original Squad 51 was Squad 36. The grill plate and the sheet metal is different on the cab.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Hang-up

  • The Adam-12 episode the guys are watching in this episode is an actual episode of the series entitled "Ambush" and originally aired November 10,1971. Jack Webb also created the show.

  • Series stars Marco Lopez and Ron Pinkard both also appeared in the Adam-12 episode "Ambush".

  • Goof: Reed and Malloy were guests on the Emergency pilot(The Wedsworth-Townsend Act) and the cast of Emergency were guest on Adam-12 (Lost and Found) AFTER this episode aired.

  • John Smith, who appears as Station 51's captain for the final two episodes of the first season, co-starred with Robert Fuller in the series "Laramie".  They were also best friends from 1956 until Smith's death in 1995.

  • There is conflicting information whether John Smith's character replaced Captain Hammer, or was actually supposed to BE Captain Hammer. The credits that appear at the end of this episode list the character name as "Captain Hammer", but in the next episode it's listed as just "Captain".  The character's name was not spoken or otherwise revealed during either episode.

  • Goof: When Johnny and Roy are leaving Rampart after freeing the burglar, Johnny wants to go back and ask some patients about Adam-12, and Roy reminds him that visiting hours are over. But later, when Johnny and Roy are back at Rampart getting treated for radiation, you hear a woman over the PA system say that visiting hours are now over.

    Goof: Where did Roy get the street clothes from after he re-showers at Rampart (the very end of the episode)?

    Goof: When Brackett first learns of a possible radiation case, he tells Dixie to prepare three beds. Dixie says that there's only one patient, and Brackett reminds her that if "they" (Johnny and Roy) have to go in after him, they'll be exposed, too. That's fine, but why don't any of the other guys who help rescue the guy have to go to Rampart to get checked out? Okay, I guess you could say it's because they weren't exposed as long as Johnny and Roy were. But... Brackett didn't know that would happen when he ordered the 3 beds.

    Goof: When Gage leaves the "hot room" he has no gloves on. When he's out of the room talking to the captain they're back on.

    Goof: Johnny drops his helmet on Chet's head (maybe on purpose).

    Goof: In the Adam 12 episode Johnny is stuck on is "Ambush". Look for Ron Pinkard (Dr. Morton) as a police officer in the actual Adam 12 episode. And of course, there's always the little problem of the cross-over Adam 12 episode that had Roy and Johnny (as well as Rampart staff) in it.

    Goof: When the guys are going to go in to free the scientist in the room full of radiation, they are all outside discussing how they are going to go in the room. It will be in teams of two at a time for 6 minute intervals with Cap. Hammer and Kelly being first, then Marco and Mike while John and Roy are last. When Captain Hammer and Kelly come out and Mike and Marco go in, Captain Hammer says " Ok Take off you two." Then Kelly is the only one that goes outside to be decontaminated. When Captain Hammer makes that statement Mike and Marco are already in the room so who is he directing this to. Also why doesn't he go out to be decontaminated when he just spent 6 minutes in a room full of radioactivity.

  • In regards to the goof comment about the "street" clothes Desoto was wearing at the end of the show. He was wearing all white clothes like the orderlies wore. They didn't wear scrubs like nowadays. It would make sense that the hospital would hand out those for him to wear. After all the nurses wore dresses & the doctors wore street clothes.  You do not see the doctors (except for the surgeons) wearing scrubs. So the only option left was those that the orderlies wore.  In today's world if a patient, firefighter, cop, etc. needs a change a clothes hospitals will, most of the time, give the patient a set of scrubs.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Dilemma

  • Mike Stoker has a Dune Buggy.

  • The student nurse Sharon, who is suddenly all thumbs around Dr. Brackett has appeared in several episodes and worked perfectly with Dr. Brackett prior to this.

  • Roy and Johnny start an IV on the patient but no one rides in with him even though it's made clear in several episodes that paramedics are supposed to stay with the patient once they start an IV.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Weird Wednesday

  • I tell one of my favorite reasons for watching Emergency is all the goofs you find in it. like a ford ambulance would show up but when you get to the hospital sene it would show and old chevy ambulance backing up. the same cop would always be at every sene. my girlfriend is actually a big fan of this show she would get mad when i would point things like this out. I have to say I otherwise enjoyed the show though.

  • After the rescue of the guy in the freezer they show a squad going down the street but it isnt Squad 51 (Submitted by Michelle member of Mantooth Minutes).

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Publicity Hound

  • Goof: When the firefighters come back on the boat with the injured man, there's not much wind blowing in their hair. If anybody has been on a boat before, they will know that a boat going full speed on the water is very windy.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Nurse's Wild

  • Equipment Information: Engine 51 carries 500 gallons of water and can pour it all out on a fire in just minutes.

  • Equipment note: We see IV solution in a bag for the first time in the series. The plasma is still in a bottle though.

  • Dr. Morton shows his usual lack of bedside manner and lack of respect towards others.

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