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  • Season 2 Episode 21: Audit

  • In this episode, we see that Marco has the beginnings of his mustache.

  • The scene with the baby left in the locked car could have been used to present the dangers of doing so. A car's interior heats up very quickly. If the baby had been in the car for over an hour, he probably would not have survived.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Rip-Off

  • The plane in the last rescue was carrying liquid oxygen. Roy stated that two pounds of sudden pressure put on the stuff would blow the whole place sky high.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Boot

  • Goof: Dixie tells the boys she can't really help them with Boot as she has fish. However, in Mascot, she stated she had a cat.

  • Goof: When they pull out of the station to go to the stove fire it is dark. As they drive along the street it is dark. When they arrive at the apartment complex, it is daylight.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Seance

  • The reason Brackett asks for O neg is because O neg is a universal donor. Anyone can safely receive O neg blood. If replacing lost blood can't wait for type & cross-match, then O neg blood is used until type & cross match is complete.

  • Goof: For the man trapped run Brackett asks for O negative blood even before the man gets to the hospital. He had no way of knowing what the blood type was.

  • Goof: For the 0047 run, even after the dispatcher says Squad 51, you can still see other firefighters still fastening their turn out pants. Clearly a use of stock footage.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Honest

  • Blooper: At Rampart after the swimming pool rescue, Johnny's clothing which were soaking wet from being in the pool are totally dry. He could not have changed in the ambulance either.

  • Blooper: As the tones for the 2nd run sound, Johnny is in the kitchen with his jacket on. As he enters the bay and gets in the squad, he does not have his jacket on or with him. Once again, like on the first run, when the squad stops, they both have jackets on.

  • Blooper: On the first rescue, as the pull out of the station, they are not wearing their black jackets. A view through the driver's side window in route shows blue shirts. When they pull up to the scene and get out, both Roy and Johnny have on their black jackets.

  • Goof: Johnny is the driver's seat as they get the call slip from the Captain. When they arrive at the driver's scene, Roy gets out from driving.

  • On the first run, it is one of the rare times Johnny gets to drive to the scene.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Syndrome

  • Boot the dog in previous episodes wouldn't have a thing to do with Johnny. In this episode, Boot comes running up to him for attention.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: School Days

  • When Johnny takes the professor to the ambulance after extricating him from his fallen bookshelves, Roy stays and talks to Billy (the trainee). We hear the ambulance siren as it leaves the scene. But after the commercial break, when the ambulance arrives at Rampart, BOTH Johnny and Billy get out of it with the patient. (The ambulance must have stopped and let Billy on at some point.)

    When Roy goes back to give Billy a pep talk, watch the bottom of the screen, you will see Roy's helmet and nobody bothers to retrieve it.

    When the ambulance flipped over, the patient inside is getting soaked. So how can he be dry while he is talking to Billy? Also, the attendants that are taking away the injured attendant never strap him onto the stretcher. The cot only has one strap, can this be such a difficult thing to do?

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Drivers

  • During the "boy in tree" rescue, at one point the decision was to try to cut the tree down the center and pull it apart using the engine and squad.

    While Roy is chiseling the boy out of the tree, we can see ropes attached to the vehicles, and the vehicles positioned on opposite ends of the tree with no slack in the ropes. When the rescue is complete and the ambulance is taking the boy to the hospital, however, we see both the engine and squad parked on the side of the road in the same position as when they arrived at the scene.

  • This episode was a good one for stressing that everyone needs to know CPR. The Doctor who died of later complications because no one knew it at the restaurant, and the man who was saved in the hotel by neighbors who did know CPR drive the point home.

  • One of the best rescue parts of this episode was Johnny catching the baby the woman dropped down from the burning building.

  • As they are chiseling the boy out of the tree, one firefighter wears protective googles, but Roy who is doing the actual chiseling does not. He would have had to wear them too, for safety protocols.

  • In this episode at the Atlas Hotel, they defibrillate the old man in Room 310 without asking permission from Rampart. In earlier episodes they always get permission to do this first.

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