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  • Season 7 Episode 11: The Convention (Part 1)

  • When the Engines/Snorkel leave the station (Novato St 4), they turn left. In actuality, the area they responded to would have been a right turn out of the station. The directors apparently did not like the right turn option.

  • Season 7 Episode 5: What's a Nice Girl Like Y...

  • Continuity error:  Gage and Desoto go from being firefighter/paramedics in April 78 to Captains in December 78 (what happened to engineer?) back to paramedic/firefighter/paramedics in June 79.  And since we've been told several times that they can't be both firefighter/paramedics and a higher rank such as engineer or captain at the same time, this sequence doesn't make much sense.

  • Continuity Error: Johnny and Roy act as if they've never seen a female paramedic before, but in the Season 5 episode "The Indirect Method", they were assigned a female trainee who ended up saving Roy's life after he was electrocuted during a rescue.

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Greatest Rescues of Emerg...

  • Continuity Error: The second person to receive his captain's badge at the beginning of the movie is named Craig Brice, which was the name of the paramedic portrayed by actor James G. Richardson who got on Roy and Johnny's nerves in three separate episodes during the final season of the series.  However, the Craig Brice who appears only briefly to accept the badge is African-American.

  • There are only three people with original speaking lines the entire movie: Kevin Tighe, Randolph Mantooth, and Fire Chief Richard Houts.

  • Goof: While introducing the clip from Season 2 where Johnny passes out attempting to rescue a man from scaffolding, Roy says Johnny "had the flu and didn't even know it." The actual story line from that episode involved a rare virus contracted from a pet monkey, which killed another firefighter and nearly killed Johnny as well as Dr. Brackett and the money's owner.


  • Following the ceremony in which Chief Richard Houts awards Roy and Johnny (among others) their badges, the rest of the movie takes place on the patio outside of headquarters, where Roy and Johnny reminisce, introducing clips from the series.

  • Clips shown, in order of appearance:

    The Wadsworth-Townsend Act (Pilot) – Johnny applies for the paramedic program;  Two passengers and Dixie are trapped under a burning overturned car

    The Séance (S2E18) – Man trapped in his car under water

    Simple Adjustment(S5E10) – Man trapped on a burning boat

    Peace Pipe (S2E05) – Woman trapped in her girdle

    Women (S2E09) – Man trapped in a sofabed

    The Hard Hours (S3E19) – Young woman's toe trapped in bathtub faucet

    Cook's Tour (S1E03) – Man trapped on tower crane

    Virus (S2E04) – Johnny passes out while rescuing man trapped on scaffolding

    The Promise (S3E11) – Johnny receives a pet dog from a woman he rescued in a previous episode

    Computer Terror (S6E09) – A pet dog harasses Roy and Johnny while they treat a man with back problems

    Insanity epidemic (S6E14) – Chet tries to get Henry to sleep in a doghouse instead of the couch

    Floor Brigade (S3E19) – Three-Alarm response at paint warehouse fire

    Kidding (S4E17) – Plane crashes into school bus

    The Mouse (S4E20) – Jet fighter crashes into apartment building

    Show Biz (S2E03) – Johnny is chosen to participate in a photo shoot

    Messin' Around (S3E16) – Chet "The Phantom" Kelly plays practical jokes on Johnny

    Snake Bite (S3E06) – Johnny is bitten by a rattlesnake

    The Indirect Method (S5E06) – Roy and Johnny are assigned a hard-nosed female trainee

    The Nuisance (S5E22) – Roy, Johnny, and Marco end up in the hospital together

    The Promotion (S3E07) – Roy saves Johnny's life during a structure fire


  • Season 7 Episode 1: The Steel Inferno

  • The trivia statement above is wrong.  No footage is used from that movie.   All exterior shots of the building were taken at the Oppenheimer Tower on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.   They simply put a smoke machine on the roof and took pictures up the side of the building.  Note that you never seen flames coming out the building just smoke from the roof.   They had a Coast Guard Helicopter fly over the building, you never saw it land, and they filmed some shots in the Lobby,  on the streets outside of the building,  and a parking garage.   The rest was filmed on sets built for the purpose or used existing Rampart Hospital sets. Elevator shaft scene is filmed on a generic elevator shaft that I think is on Universal Studios lot.  Used in lots of movies and TV shows when they need a shaft to film in.  They also filmed on location at Station 110 at Marina Del Ray.


  • Several external building shots of the skyscraper on fire were directly recycled from the Irwin Allen movie The Towering Inferno.

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