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  • Season 6 Episode 5: Fair Fight

  • New Mascot: Henry the Bassett Hound becomes the new mascot. No mention is made at all about Boot the previous mascot. Johnny suggests the name Henry, which is also Capt. Hank Stanely's name.

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Not Available

  • First rescue, use of EKG and strip transmission inconsistent with previous episodes. (1) When Squad 51 arrived at scene, victim already was patched in. Even if the engine had the patches, the distinct beeping of the EKG was heard. (2) When Johnny used the land line, he connected the EKG through the land line with the phone patch. Then once the patch was secured on the phone, Johnny went to the biophone to continue talking with hospital. Why go through the land line with EKG... they could have just sent it through the telemetry unit.

    Additional gaffe - When Squad was dispatched on first run "in place of Squad 39", they turned left out of the station. Later, when there were "called up to Station 39", they turned right out of the station.

  • Season 5 Episode 22: The Nuisance

  • James G. Richardson is credited as a special guest star, due to the fact he starred in the short-lived Mark VII series, "Sierra", which aired during the Fall of 1974.

  • This time during the surgery, you actually see blood on gloves and sponges. They did not always show the characters getting victim's blood on them.

  • BLOOPER: Dr. Early calls Mike Morton Frank in the ER treatment room as they work on Johnny. Had to be a script error or a slip of the tongue.

  • Blooper: In the treatment room, Roy is clearly not wearing a watch. When he goes out to talk to Chet, he has a watch on. When he goes back into the treatment room, once again there is no watch.

  • Blooper: Dr. Early said, "Look we both know what kind of paramedic he (Johnny) is, now let's see what kind of patient he is."

    Johnny was a patient at Rampart from the "monkey virus" and from a rattlesnake bite. So they already know what type of patient he is.

  • A nurse would not be allowed to constantly kick the Physical Therapist out when she is working with a patient like the grumpy nurse did.

  • Craig Brice--Character analysis..Brice is an extreme OCD type person. The only way to do things is his way. His rigid thinking and desire for things in specific order and things done specific ways are traits in the autism spectrum disorder.

  • Gretchen Corbett, the actress who plays Johnny's physical therapist, previously appeared in the first episode of this season as the stewardess he fell in love with.

  • In a blooper set, Randolph actually falls backwards in the wheelchair when he's doing the wheelie in Roy and Marco's room.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: The Tycoons

  • In regards to hot dog stand burning, Capt. Stanley does not say it burned "last year". The correct statement is "last shift". He then shows the log book where calls are recorded.

  • GOOF: At the very end of the episode after Roy has given in and finally decides to invest with the rest of the station, Captain Stanley says that the hot dog stand burned down "last year" instead of saying that it burned down "last night"

  • Johnny says they have 18 guys at the station. With 6 men to a shift, that gives them 3 shifts. A Shift, B Shift, and C Shift. That also is a one day on, two days off type of schedule.

  • In almost every episode, they have milk in at least a quart size carton and pour it into glasses. In this episode, Roy and Johnny drink milk from half pint cartons while they eat sandwiches.

  • The younger fans who discovered Emergency on TV Land and/or DVD should take note of the prices for the food items at Davey's Dogs, the hot dog stand the guys inspect. Those were the prices back in the 70s.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: The Great Crash Diet

  • When Stoker tells the dispatcher that the fire is out and to return all units, the dispatcher says, "All units responding with Engine 15 are canceled." It was actually Engine 51.

  • When the whale splashes water out where Roy and Johnny are standing at Oceanside Park, their shirts don't have a single wet spot.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Grateful

  • Dixie's comment that she hoped that her friends would know a pre-cardiac thump is not something you can learn on TV should she ever need one reminded of the PSAs they ran at the end of Emergency episodes when it was on in syndication on my local channel. They always stressed that the things done on the show, CPR included required training and could not be learned on TV. They urged people to get training. I think it was Kevin Tighe who did them.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Above and Beyond ... Nearly

  • Los Angeles County Fire Chief Richard Houts appears as himself in this episode, but is not credited.

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