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An out of control brushfire threatens a large area in the valley; Station 51 is one of many called to respond. They meet 79 year old Winifred Lenover and her 80 year old sister, who hate each other. Winifred needs medical help but won't leave the house in her sister's care. A boy named Andy, whose arm is broken in three places, finds his way to the hospital but wants to leave to go find his missing dog Grover. Dixie takes care of that boy, before Dr. Brackett reprimands both her and Roy, in begging them to leave, realizing firemen are taking the wildfires pretty seriously. Five runs in six hours and the paramedics still aren't done: they treat a fireman named Conway whose leg is pinned under a tree, a pregnant woman who cannot be moved until she gives birth, and whose house will shortly be engulfed, the victim of a stampede, and a motorcyclist who ran off the road while looting evacuated homes.

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Drama, Suspense


70s, not for the faint of heart, hospital backdrop, high stake situations, for the nostalgic