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Cook's Tour

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It's Roy's turn as company cook, and that has everyone else worried, especially when they learn he's going to make a French dish! Johnny delivers a cyanotic baby while at Rampart, and Dixie congratulates him on his behalf. Dr. Early helps a boy whose hand is stuck inside an expensive Ming vase, who asks a klutzy student nurse, Sharon Walters, to find a pack of ice for the boy, when Dixie cautions Sharon not to run around in the hospital. A man trying to repair a washing machine accidentally electrocutes himself, and a sixteen year old may face permanent disability from a drug overdose. Finally, the whole company responds to a man who climbed a construction crane's boom intending to suicide, and then changed his mind.

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Drama, Suspense


70s, not for the faint of heart, hospital backdrop, high stake situations, for the nostalgic