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Dealer's Wild


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Roy tries to talk a boy down in a plane in which his father, the pilot, suffered an apparent heart attack while in flight. A man tries to commit suicide by drinking poison, slashing his wrists, and turning on the gas in his apartment. Station 51 responds to an overturned gasoline tanker truck. Roy and Johnny deal with disinterested bystanders while a teenager overdoses on LSD. At the hospital, Drs. Brackett and Early puzzle over what could have caused the tank truck driver to pass out behind the wheel - they know there's a problem in his brain, but not where. Dr. Brackett and Dixie meditate on people who want to die, but live, and people who want to live, but die. At the station, Johnny keeps losing card games which leaves him with washing the dishes each night. Now he is determined to create his own card game.

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Drama, Suspense


70s, not for the faint of heart, hospital backdrop, high stake situations, for the nostalgic