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Publicity Hound

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Johnny becomes increasingly jealous of Tom Wheeler, a paramedic with Squad 110 who has several times gotten himself in the newspapers. The paramedics rescue the captain of a boat struck unconscious during a mishap and dangling upside down from a spar. Dr. Brackett's harsh personality gets him, and maybe the hospital, into a lot of trouble with a powerful and rich man named Dumont, before Dr. Early talks to the same man, in a calm manner. Returning from a false alarm, the paramedics discover a horse trapped in a new drainage ditch and help its owner free it. Finally, the entire station works for hours to rescue Elena Diaz, a child who has fallen into a hole at a construction site - and Wheeler winds up getting the press! But this time, Johnny doesn't care, after Dixie treated a taken lady whom he was going to see. He's just happy he got the child out alive.

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Drama, Suspense


70s, not for the faint of heart, hospital backdrop, high stake situations, for the nostalgic