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Weird Wednesday


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Johnny is sure that this day will be filled with strange occurrences. First the paramedics deal with a woman who fell into a tree - a parachuting accident. They help an obese jogger with chest pains, while at Rampart, Dr. Brackett and Dixie treat a man with persistent... hiccups... and Dr. Early helps eighty year old Bernadette Spalding, who broke her ankle dancing. A boy tries at home cryogenics by freezing himself (with instructions to open the freezer in 1992). Roy and Johnny treat a woman bitten by a rattlesnake, and a taxi brings a foreign sailor to Rampart who can't explain what's wrong because he can't speak English and no one can speak whatever language he does command, until Dixie and Dr. Early who were both talking into a female interpreter to find out what really went wrong. Mrs. Spalding's party finally finds her, as the paramedics climb a steep embankment to reach a driver who went over the edge. Johnny twists his knee, but the driver, a drunk, isn't hurt at all! Fortunately, the day will soon be over.

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Drama, Suspense


70s, not for the faint of heart, hospital backdrop, high stake situations, for the nostalgic