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AIRED ON 7/21/2008

Season 11 : Episode 20080721

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Chef Emeril Lagasse hits up Whole Foods Market to load up on ingredients for some fabulous green dishes. Emeril demonstrates how to solve culinary challenges in an extraordinary eco-friendly way.
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  • Pork is "Green" too!

    You don't have to be "One Sided" to be green.... There is nothing wrong with eating meat, dairy or any other food. I hate when people "down" other people for what they do with their own lives. I realize that Splosh22's review was a couple years ago... but really, calm down and eat some meat and drink a big ole glass of milk Splosh! It'll do your body good!... Emeril, keep doin what your doin... It's great...moreless
  • A good show and nice turn for Emeril leaving his loud bamming behind him. This show had a great focus on local and healthy food and cooking.

    A good show and nice turn for Emeril leaving his loud bamming behind him. This show had a great focus on local and healthy food and cooking. The show gave those of us who don't use that style of cooking a glimpse into this popular cooking discipline. It also gave Emeril a chance to showcase his cooking ability which I really enjoyed since he's been so unfairly attacked throughout his career. Sadly the show is longer making new episodes I supposed the days of cooking shows going on for decades are gone and Emeril has moved on to a new project. I highly recommend this show to anyone who appreciates Emerils work and watch the reruns on the Cooking Channel.moreless
  • Emeril Green The Best TV Has to Offer!

    Emeril Green is on a level that even the dimmest bulb can understand. This show will have you shopping for herbs and different healthy vegetables to help you improve your eating habits and give you options at mealtime. He's Great! My husband turned me onto him, I used to think he was a joke with the Bam, take it up a notch. But the meals and sauces we are both churning out on a regular meal is quite impressive. Our style of living has changed just by expanding our tastes to more selective herbs and seasonings. Voilla to Emeril. He really rocks.moreless
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  • © 2008 Discovery Communications, LLC
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    One of the things I find misleading about this show is the attempt to portray Emeril' s cooking as being 'Eco' or 'Green'. After a...
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