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Show not so GREEN at all

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    [1]Dec 26, 2008
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    One of the things I find misleading about this show is the attempt to portray Emeril' s cooking as being 'Eco' or 'Green'. After all, the show is aired on the 'Green Chanel'

    One of my main objections is the large scale use of meat and dairy products in the show. Any attempt to produce a cooking program that was eco friendly would avoid all references to meat and dairy for the following, very obvious and public reasons. In 2006, a UN report found that the meat industy is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined. Animals raised for food in the US produce 130 times more excrement than the entire human population. The CO2 emissions caused by cattle and other livestock are in effect accelerating global warming at a rate far exceeding that by transportation.

    The overuse and abuse of water, land and energy in the production of cattle is also greatly adding to problem.

    Emeril' s use, and promotion of pork is especially shameful. Pigs are lively, intelligent gregarious creatures who deserve to be treated with respect. Most pork produced worldwide is raised on fishmeal. Fishmeal is produced by overfishing limited sardine and anchovy sources. This is a limited, non renewalable resource. Many sea birds, penguins, and other fish are currently starving or in decline as a result of this practise. Pigs should be fed on grass, not fish,

    To the producers of this show. try and do a little more research before you go using words like 'green' or 'eco' to promote shows like this. Maybe in future you can produce a show that truely promotes these worthy causes, and is not just a shameless promotion for 'Industrial Orgainic', that is 'Whole Foods'.

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    The fact that the products including the meat are all produced locally is what gives it the green title and the fact that tons of gas and resources aren't used up to transport animals for slaughter. Sure it's not 100 percent green but you can hardly put the show in the same category as your average meat producer. Perhaps you should watch the show more before joining a site just to bash it and leave your political bias out of your post all together.
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