Emeril Live

Season 11 Episode 1

Fit for Life

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2007 on Food Network



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    • (Finishing up his crab and lobster lasagna with béchamel sauce.)
      Emeril: Now this is, like, when you say moderation, you wanna have, like, yo– (audience interrupts him with laughing)
      Jorge Cruise: Yeah?
      Emeril: No, no, no. You bring this to the table and, you know, you just hand out, like, teaspoons.

    • Jorge Cruise: So think, every glass of wine, how many minutes I run?
      Audience: 10.
      Jorge: 10 minutes. That's it. Easy, right?
      Emeril: (counting off on his fingers) I gotta do 80 minutes tonight!

    • Emeril: But first we should check on the pizzas, don't you think?
      Jorge Cruise: Yeah, yeah. (beat) Drumroll, please. (Teddy starts a drumroll) Oh! (audience laughs) I forgot you have a drumroll!

  • Notes

    • Jorge Cruise was promoting the April 2007 release of The 3-Hour Diet Cookbook. Emeril also mentioned its prequel, The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin (March 2005). Audience members received their own copies of The 3-Hour Diet and The 3-Hour Diet On the Go.

    • Also Featured: Pam Toledano – Great Neck, New York, Jorge's Client

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